Ready for school and Daddy's first day of work at a new company. 😁

I took leave today to prepare for the trip, spend time with the little boss and run errands / do random stuff.

After sending the little one to school, I went grocery shopping.

Hahaha scared they go hungry when I'm not at home.

I bought meat, ribs, buns, bread, yoghurt..

Also got 3 in 1 Milo for the long haul flight and the trip.

One thing I often miss after reaching the hotel late at night in a foreign land, besides my family, is a cup of hot Milo. 😅

I'm very bad with handling mail. 😣

Just opened one that was dated 30 June, which turned out to be a cheque covering Clarissa's medical bill for her hospitalisation in June. 😯

Plotting out my shopping route AS IF I would know my way. 😅

I'll keep calm and shop, although I'm a bit ganjiong now about losing my way.

Should we, should we? 🤔

It's the same voucher we got last year.

I guess cordlife is going to send this every year on Clarissa's birthday month.

The first few years are so dynamic I just feel like they need to be captured nicely.

The hubs said no to having photos taken professionally this year (and I agreed) because I'd take a year to develop the photos but now I feel like we should go for it. And do an outdoor one just for the fun of it. 😅


Picked up my boss.

While waiting for her waffle. 😁

Also got her favorite pandan cake!

Tamjiak in the purest form. 😅

This is entirely candid.


Playground time!

She was trying to turn around to slide down on her tummy.

I asked her not to do that, because she might hurt herself.
And then I helped her down the slide.

When she got back up again, she said to me, her little face all serious, "Cannot turn round. Baby, cannot turn."

Tucking her two hands underneath her armpits, she frowned and said to herself, "Mama angry."

Hey I didn't say that hor! 😂😂

Funny how she deduced I'd be angry.