Cheap thrill but must post before I fly off.

Decent food, at last.

I went to bed at 9pm last night but woke up every other hour to use the toilet and to drink the salted sparkling water.

Finally dragged myself out of bed at 630am to wash up and pack.

Checked out and set off to the Facebook office with the rest of the team.

Interesting sessions.

In fact this trip has been great, hearing from experts about upcoming trends and learning about best practices across the globe.

I told my sisters that the primark opposite the hotel is small.

I was wrong.

It actually stretched all the way past the mid point of the street. 😂

I was on WhatsApp with the hubs while shopping.

The bubs was already sleeping by then but I caught her on Skype while I was getting back from Facebook.

I bought this t-shirt for her because I think she'd love it. 😄

The season isn't quite right for Singapore weather so I didn't buy as much as we did the last time we came.

The pj's are very cute!

Only two designs were short sleeved ones so I grabbed them across all sizes from 2-3, 3-4 to 4-5 years old.

Kiasu much.

But I really like them! I think she can wear them to school. 😅

I wasn't feeling so great, so I wasn't in the mood to try on clothes or venture anywhere beyond 200 metres of the hotel.

I got back to the hotel an hour before pick-up time and hid in the bathroom to rearrange/pack my stuff and get changed.

They have a huge area like this that's away from the cubicles and I could even charge my phones while packing.

Can't wait to see these two! 😁