Home, is having the two of them waiting for me at the arrival hall. 😘😘

This was the little boss and me, literally.

I saw her from a distance as she inched forward looking out for me.

Once she recognised me from where she was standing, she ran towards me happily as I ran towards her.

She gave me the sweetest smile and we hugged.

I was so, so, so happy to see the hubs and the bubs at the airport.

My haul this time.

Mostly Primark. 😅

I saw Cath Kidston at the airport and couldn't resist walking in.
The hair accessories are so pretty! So is the hand cream. Got them for Clarissa and my sisters.

Modeling the hairband with a funny face. 😅

She was up since 3pm; she didn't want to take a nap. Presumably because she was excited about picking me up at the airport.

When we got home, we had dinner. She walked over to me, took my hand and said to me, "Mama feed you."

I couldn't say no so I sat beside her with my dinner and fed her whole eating.

She came looking for me while I was in the shower.

👶: Mama?
👦: Mama is taking a shower.
👶: Mama shower.
👧: Yes, Mama needs to take a shower. Can you please wait for me?
👶: Can.


And she spent time with her Daddy singing together while waiting for me. 😁

She fell asleep in no time after drinking milk.

She must have been exhausted but she tried to resist sleep by asking me to carry her and telling me she wanted to "play toys".

I told her gently that we can do that tomorrow because Mama would be at home the entire day.

With that, she allowed me to tuck her in and quietly drank her milk as I hummed the baa baa black sheep song.

It's good to be back. 😊