Back to the usual weekend routine!

I keep thinking it's still Saturday today though.

Popped by my friend's place to get the essential oil from her and got breakfast from the coffee shop.

This girl is so shy.

I was carrying her while waiting for our takeaway wanton noodles.
A granny and her helper saw Clarissa and said hello to her.
I asked her to say/wave hello back, but she only smiled shyly and turned away to hide her face on my shoulder.

Hahaha so I kept turning so she'd get to face the granny and her helper.
They very gamely smiled and waved hello at her each time I turned.

After a few rounds, this girl simply covered her eyes with the back of her hand. πŸ˜‚

All the way until we left the coffee shop.

She requested to walk on her own and became all hyper again.

I was telling the hubs about what happened earlier, and she stopped to cover her eyes again and said:

Baby shy. Cover the eyes!


Found this in my phone.
She took her own selfie. πŸ˜…

On our way from ah-gong's place to swimming lesson.

I always wonder what's on her mind when she stares out of the window like this.

It's a good 40-minute journey and she simply sits quietly on her own.

Sometimes she'd catch us looking at her and she'd smile and cover her face.

"No look baby" She'd say. πŸ˜…

Lesson's over but someone's still looking at the pool.

I don't think I have jetlag, because I slept ok last night, from 11 to around 7.

I think I woke up a few times in the middle of the night but managed to go back to sleep.

I'm feeling very sleepy now (it's 5pm) but to be safe, I think I should stay awake.

Both my bubs and hubs are sound asleep.

So I spent time Googling the following:

πŸ”ΉHow to make a duck puppet

It's homework from the school. We are supposed to make an animal puppet with Clarissa. The teachers have provided some paper but that's about it.

Homework is due 24 Oct.

My dad used to do my art and craft homework for me. πŸ˜‚

πŸ”ΉHealthy cupcakes for toddlers

We will most likely let Clarissa spend her actual birthday in school (it'd be a Monday) so she can celebrate with her friends.

Found one that's low sugar and ni preservatives!

Very near our place. βœŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

πŸ”ΉGoody bags for kids

Related to celebration in school.
She's been coming home with goody bags from her classmates.

Most of them are October/November babies so this month would be interesting.

She's likely to miss most of celebrations though because the school recommends to hold them during tea breaks, but we always pick her up after lunch.

Hmm let's see how it goes!

πŸ”ΉBirthday cakes for kids

We are celebrating with our families on the Saturday just before her birthday.

Nothing elaborate; just thinking of a simple "buffet" dinner of tze char dishes.

The point is to spend quality time with our families, and we are most at home, at home. πŸ˜…πŸ˜

I do want to get a nice cake, though.
One that all of us, including Clarissa, would enjoy.

Playing with the cloth and attempting to turn it into a dress.

She spread out the piece of cloth and held it in front of me like she was trying to measure how much cloth she needed to wrap me up.

I said to her, "The cloth is too small for Mama."

She considered for a second and said to me, agreeing:

Mama sooooo big!

And continued to wrap the cloth around herself instead.

Hahahaha thanks baby, thanks.

Looking on the bright side, I should be glad she knows that the opposite of small is big.
#θ‡ͺζ¬Ίζ¬ΊδΊΊ πŸ˜‚


Earlier in the evening, she requested to have the tablet while eating porridge.

I told her ok, but she must eat 10 spoonfuls of porridge first.

I started counting each scoop and feeding her.

πŸ‘§: One..
πŸ‘Ά: (Eats)
πŸ‘§: (Scoops and feeds) Two..
πŸ‘Ά: (Eats)

I continued to scoop up the third spoonful and was about to send it into her mouth when she suddenly announced:


Hahahaha I had to try very hard not to laugh.

I said to her that 10 doesn't come after two, and continued feeding her. πŸ˜‚

She kept reminding me, "Mama take tablet!"

When it was time to wipe her down later in the evening, she refused to let our helper wipe her face and escaped to the corner of her room.

As she tried to avoid the cloth, she accidentally knocked her head against the wall.

It was a very light knock, but it startled her and she burst out crying.

After she finished changing and calmed down, I tried to tell her I was sorry she bumped her head so the next time we want to wipe her down, she should stay put on the mattress instead.

She got all worked up again and walked to the spot where she bumped her head.

"See?" She pointed at the exact spot. "Wall!"
She attempted to hit it, "AIYEER!"
She got more and more indignant.

Baby bump head. Wall naughty!