There is nothing (ok maybe a few things) better than taking time-off on a Monday.

I woke up at 7am to the sound of Clarissa knocking on our door.

I opened the door to a cheerful, smiling little girl, already dressed for school, zooming into the room, declaring, "Daddy still sleeping?"

She voluntarily climbed up our bed to wake Daddy up.

Daddy was really still sleepy (so was I) so he didn't really budge to her tapping on his arm.

She turned to me and said, "Baby kiss!"

And went ahead to give Daddy a kiss on his cheek.

Daddy woke up, and she looked pleased with herself lol.

As I washed up, I heard her pestering her Daddy for Pikachu. She likes looking at the Pokemon Go characters (err do you call them "characters"? Haha I don't know).

She then naturally took over the phone and started watching her YouTube videos when Daddy got up to wash up.

When the hubs asked for his phone back, she lifted one index finger, turned and said to him:

Last one.

Sure enough, she finished that last video she was watching, and willingly returned the phone to her Daddy.

So cute.

When it was time to leave for school, I asked her to say bye bye to her Yaya and to ask Yaya to eat her breakfast.

She immediately zoomed into the room looking for Yaya and said to her:

Yaya, eat breakfast!

Hahahaha I was surprised she didn't say, "Ask, ASK!" 😅

And then she led Yaya out of the room to the dining area, leaned slightly backwards to look for the bread on the table, pointed at it and said again, "Yaya eat (points) breakfast!"

And then she zoomed to the shoe rack and said to us, "Mama wear slippers! Baba wear shoes!"

OK boss, we got it. 😁

Went out slightly earlier to get supplies to make the duck puppet.

Picked up my little boss.

I love that drop-offs and pickups nowadays are quite a breeze.

Although the walk home wasn't. Too hot and humid!

For some reason she kept asking to be carried today.

I was carrying a few bags of paper/supplies, waffle, cake and my sling bag + her school bag. So I kept asking her if she wanted to walk. 😂

Of course only after we crossed all the roads.

I also asked if she's ok to sit in a stroller and she said, "Yes. Yaya push."


When we walked past the basketball court, she paused and said to me, "Baba play bass ball!"

Followed by a slam dunk action.

I took this video only after she did that so it wasn't as candid but essentially she tried to jump up and shoot with an imaginary ball in her hand.

And then she saw birds and started asking questions and answering them herself.

"Where's! Mama duck?"
"Hee, Mama duck."
"Where's! Papa duck."
"Hee, Papa duck."

The last one was unexpected.
She asked where baby duck is, pointed at herself and ran off. 😅

Clarissa #ootd:

Top: Primark (Yes the pj's!)
Pants: Cottonon kids
Shoes: Primark mini rebel (how apt)

I took 5 pictures of her eating waffle. 😅

How can anyone make waffles look so delicious?

After she took a shower, I spent some time playing with her to unwind and get her ready for milk and nap.

She took Peppa and George, and tucked them into her blanket, heads first. 😂

Two seconds later, she announced, "Wake up wake up!" And pulled them out of the blanket.

A few rounds later, she decided to join them in bed and proceeded to cover her face underneath the blanket too. 😂😘

I'm loving stay-at-home days like today, because there is so much to write about.

So I was trying to tell the little boss not to do humpty dumpty from the bed to the mattress.

Basically she pretends she's at the swimming pool and simply slides down from the bed to the mattress and I'm worried she'd hurt her back.

👧: Clarissa, you cannot do humpty dumpty on the bed. Because this is not the swimming pool, there is no water. You might hurt yourself.

If you want to come down from the bed, you have to turn around before you come down ok? Can you show it to me please?

👶: (Dutifully demonstrates how to turn around before coming down the bed)

👧: That's right! Cannot do humpty dumpty.

👶: (Serious tone) Swimming pool ONLY! Water ONLY! Here, canNAUGHT! (Waves hand solemnly)

👧: Yes, only at the swimming pool with water.

And then she walked over to the side table, took the Sterimar (it's a spray) and pretended to pour it over her mattress.

She also pretended to pour some on my hands and some on our helper's hands, and got us to "pour" it into the mattress.

We laughed.

She reached for the ruyi-oil next. 😂

Yep. If this is not a swimming pool, I can make one myself. 😂😂

"What happened, car?"

Hahahahaha erm because you pushed the car, so it moved.
That was what happened. 😂😂