#yesterdayre because, long day at work followed by emotional night at home.

Emotional because, the little one had trouble pooping and was crying so much she had mucus and sweat all over.

She finally pooped while seated on the potty, diaper pants still on, hugging me and squeezing my arm, with all her might.

"So big," She said after it all came out.

Indeed it was huge.

We spent some time taking picture and reopening the diaper to examine the poop.

Because she's been having trouble pooping for the past two weeks and there seems to be a little bit of blood that comes with the poop the last 3 times.

We've put her on a very small dose of lactolose but I guess we have not been consistent.

It might be because we stopped giving her yoghurt due to her cold (didn't want her to get too much phlegm), and probably the meds too.

All contributing to the constipation. 😒

Planning to bring her to the PD this coming Saturday.

Thankfully she was back to her normal self after the big poop and I spent the rest of the night lying in bed with her, humming tunes on demand, in order to make her sleep.

"Bus! Bus!" She wanted to hear "Wheels on the bus".

So I hummed it, many, many times.
She sang along and got more and more excited..

Until I said to her, "Clarissa, it's getting very late so the bus is sleeping already. You should close your eyes and sleep too."

"Bus sleeping?" She asked me, incredulous, her eyes sparkling in the dark.

"Yes, the bus is sleeping. Do you want to go to school tomorrow?"

"Want," She said.

"Then, close your eyes and try to sleep."

And closed her eyes she did, her face serious and her eyelids fluttering.

I simply lay next to her in silence, until she fell asleep. 😚


Little boss in her pj's top and colorful pants from wai-po. 😁

My very sweet co-workers bought this in London for Clarissa.

I'd casually shared about my dear girl's love for ducks and it seems like there is a duck trend going on around the world, in that people are collecting ducks that represent different countries whenever they travel.

And so the lucky girl gets to add one more duck to her collection. 😁

This morning we overheard the conversation between Clarissa and one of the teachers as they walked to the classroom.

πŸ‘©: Where's your duck today?
πŸ‘Ά: At home.

Lol she's not Clarissa's class teacher but she knows. πŸ˜‚

Now I guess she loves flowers too. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Hello, long lost friend. 😁

Is this who I think it is?

Yes, it's my duck friend from London alright.

So as usual I was trying to make her sleep tonight, humming a random tune.

Our helper walked into the room and offered to help me make her sleep.

Helper: I do lah, ma'am!

πŸ‘Ά: Don't want I do lah ma'am!



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