The situation this morning.

It wasn't easy for her to pull the triangular magnets apart, so once she managed to do that she strategically placed them far away from one another.

And then I tried to fix another version of the car with the magnets but they somehow couldn't fit.

She took over and said to me:

Mama don't know. Baby do.



Art and craft time.

The outside of the duck's mouth.

Inspector waiting for the paint to dry.

Duck's face and inside of the mouth.

Most of it painted by me and our helper. 😂

She was very sweet though.

Saw paint on my hands and immediately ran to take a piece of tissue paper to wipe it off for me.

I didn't even ask her to! 😁😘


She called this a duck so I think I've passed the art and craft homework. 😅

Putting it on.

Wefie with our new duck puppet friend. 😁😂


I've settled most of the preparation for her birthday celebration.

✔ Cupcakes for her teachers and friends in school
✔ Goody bags for her friends
✔ The number "2" candle and mini "happy birthday" bunting
✔ Birthday cake for celebration with family
✔ Birthday present

It's a holiday for me on the 31st, a Monday, because my company mandates it for public holidays which fall on Saturdays.

So yay I get to celebrate it with her in school and spend the day with her without having to take leave.

There are other tasks for the weekend, like completing the homework (check), doing up a photo collage (check), booking the photo shoot (not done yet) and getting started on the photo prints I have purchased (not done yet).

Her PD wasn't in today so we would probably bring her there next weekend instead.
Sigh I hope the pooping gets smoother.

She just started having a running nose again, since yesterday evening.
So I've been spamming oil and vicks on her.

Hope it's nothing serious!