The situation this morning: This girl actually knows how to "throw" / flick the ball to catch pokemon.

And she caught it.

According to a proud Daddy, she also knows the names of the characters after he went through them with her once, "just once". 😅

But there was a character with yellow fins / wings, and she called it "Banana!" 😂

Looking all ready for school / work.

But #thetruthis I'm in Killiney now, at lunch time, downing the most lethal concoction of kopi-o kosong. 😩

So today's the day we're supposed to hand in the animal puppet homework.

Bumped into Clarissa's classmate and her parents when we dropped her off.. and saw her classmate's puppet.

I didn't manage to see as clearly as the hubs did, but it was an impressive animal puppet that looked like a soft toy.

As we left the school, the hubs asked me, "Did you get the brief right? How come XX's puppet so nice one?"

You don't say. 😂

I said yes, the brief is to make paper puppets with the materials provided, but we can use our own materials too. So our duck puppet was on brief ok.

Now I can't wait for the teachers to share the pictures of all the puppets the parents (ahem) made. 😂