Received an email from Clarissa’s school on Deepavali celebration this coming Friday.

The brief: Ethnic costume.

So this conversation happened:

Competitive Daddy is competitive. πŸ˜‚


I think this would be a fun hashtag to start because the hubs and I probably talk the most when we are in the car on the way to work or on our way home.

By "talk", I mean "conversation", not related to things like "I'm going to bathe, can you play with her for a while?". πŸ˜…

Sometimes we talk about our day / work / funny people we've met; sometimes we take part in the quizzes shared by the radio DJs or laugh at their lame jokes.

Sometimes we talk about Clarissa and her funny antics; sometimes we discuss politics.

Sometimes we talk about random things, like this morning.

πŸ‘§: Hey do you know that some Dayre babies start solids with chicken liver?

πŸ‘¦: (Gestured for me to hold the thought because he was listening to the DJs talking about the case of wrong O levels math paper)

πŸ‘§: Oh I read about it. They got the wrong paper lor.

πŸ‘¦: What!! How?

πŸ‘§: Some of them took the paper, found some questions to be unfamiliar. They compared the paper with their classmates and realised they got the wrong syllabus.

πŸ‘¦: What!! (Goes on about how silly it is) Oh what were you saying about solids?

πŸ‘§: Oh yes they eat chicken liver leh!

πŸ‘¦: Chicken liver as in (exclaims) 鸑肝?!

πŸ‘§: Why you scold bad word!

Hahahaha ok I'm damn boliao. πŸ˜‚

I got home at 5pm today to spend time with my boss before my night call.

Random candid picture of her asking me to press the crocodile button for the sound. πŸ˜‚

But she looks pretty here so I shared the picture with the hubs.


He said she looks like a "琼瑢" character lol.

I think that means beautiful, and big eyes. 😁 #oldwongsellsmelon

Hahahaha I'm sure this is not 琼瑢.

"Singa wear shoes," She said.

She tried to make Singa sit down so she could put on "shoes" (=lego brick) for him.


She then ran to the shoe cabinet with Singa, and said to me, "All wear shoes. Go downstairs buy ice cream!"


(I'm on a hashtag roll today. πŸ˜…)

This is a screen grab from the video I took, because the video is too long to be shared.

She built this long duplo set which became the master dispenser, where she'd pour "something" into "cups".

I asked her what she was pouring, she said it was "ice cream juice". πŸ˜‚

But she'd hover her hand on top of the cup, asking herself, "Hot?"

Sometimes she even asked in Chinese, "烧? 烧烧!" πŸ˜‚

Once she determined that the temperature was ok (she'd say, "Not hot!"), she lay Singa down and said to him, "Lie down. Must lie down."

She then looked around for a "handkerchief" (another lego brick) and told him, very matter-of-factly, "Wipe hands. Must wipe hands."
And proceeded to wipe his hands with the brick, and her own hands too.

And then she fed Singa.

A few seconds later, she said to me, "Want some more."

And I'd have to pour more ice cream juice into the cup. πŸ˜‚

Of course, she turned to duck duck next and did the same.

Only this time, she wrapped the duck's wings around the cup and said, "Hold the bottle?"

And then it was Singa's turn to drink again, but she left him to his own devices (See bottom centre of picture ☝) to drink after laying him down.

She declared to me, "Also, drink!"

And downed the ice cream juice with gusto.

I asked her if it was nice, she said to me:

Cannot drink. Spicy!



Very interesting ice cream juice.

I actually wanted to take more videos of her talking to her toys and making faces, but she saw me holding my phone, looked at me in the eye, pointed at it and said to me, calmly and firmly, "Keep." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So I listened but tried again five minutes later.

She used the same tone and told me, "Put down", pointing to a spot on the bed for me to place my phone.


So no more videos or pictures.

But so fun to watch her play. 😁

I'd explained to her earlier that I have a call from 8pm.

As I was preparing to call in at 758pm, she walked into the study room and wanted to sit on my lap.

I carried her and explained to her again, that I had to call in for a meeting, it'd be around an hour, can she play with Yaya for a while?

She hugged me tightly, resting her face on my shoulder, listening, manja mode on.

Yet she didn't protest when I lowered her onto the mattress in her room.

I gave her a quick peck on her forehead and off she went to play.

Sweet. 😊

She tried to look for me a few times during the call but it was manageable because the hubs was back by then.

And she smiled so brightly when I joined them in the living room.

I love this girl. 😁