Hahaha my thoughts exactly.

Like yesterday, I got home at 5pm today because I have a 7-9pm call tonight.

She woke up from her 3-hour nap just as I was trying to creep into the study room. 😅

I saw the new toy (omg it's a duck) that she brought home from school.
Usually that means they've celebrated one of her classmates' birthday.

👧: Whose birthday did you celebrate today?
👶: Friend!
👧: Which friend?
👶: XX!*

*She really quoted one of her classmates' names. In fact she can now point at the picture of each classmate and tell us his or her name, very accurately.

Will try to find out if this classmate really celebrated her birthday today. 😉

I took her to the coffee shop downstairs to get dinner.

As we got out of the lift, she asked me, "Go playground?"

"Sorry baby, we cannot go to the playground today. Mama needs to get dinner and then attend a meeting."

We were walking while talking, but when I finished explaining, she paused.

Bye bye playground!

She said and waved to the playground, almost too cheerfully.

I thanked her for being understanding.

We got to the coffee shop, I ordered dinner, and sat her down to wait for our takeaway.

She pointed at the tank and said to me, "Where's the crab?"

I turned and realised that the tank that usually houses crabs is empty today.

👧: Oh, no crab in the tank today!
👶: Crab go home?

I couldn't bear to tell her the truth, that the crabs probably got eaten.
So I asked her questions instead.

👧: Do you want the crabs to come back?
👶: Yes.
👧: Do you want to touch the crabs if they come back?
👶: No. 怕怕.

"Duck duck!" She exclaimed and pointed at the display as we were leaving the coffee shop.

Sigh. The harsh realities of life. 😂😂