This little girl woke up bright and cheery this morning!

She took her hairband and put it on, on her own, before we went to buy breakfast. 😁

Requested to look at the mirror and this was what she did.

The hubs went out to get a queue number at the clinic to see Clarissa's PD but came home with a lamborghini instead.

Because it's a public holiday today. 🙊🙈

Team work.

Though at certain points it sounded like there were two kids playing together.

"No no not here!"
"Give me!"
"Ah! Dropped!"
"Not this one!"
"No no not like this!"


The end product.

The hubs said he's mentally exhausted after doing this.

So he dozed off on the sofa.

While Daddy took his nap, this one took her bag, ran to the door and said to me, "Want go out!"

While the little boss had her lunch, the big boss and I went out to run some errands.

The hubs went to collect the birthday cake while I did some quick shopping and bought lunch.

We've come up with the dinner menu for tonight and he'd be ordering from the tze char stall downstairs.

It's nap time for the bubs now and nuah time for us.

Looking forward to the celebration with our families tonight!

Happy birthday to you and to us!

Photo courtesy of my sis!

I didn't have my phone with me the entire night, but took tonnes of pictures with the camera.

I'll find time to upload them tomorrow or on Monday.

She was so shy she stuck to me chanting "Mummy mummy" at least 500 times. 😂

But she eventually warmed up after the birthday song and was so happy eating her birthday cake and opening the presents from everyone.

So much love.
So blessed. 😁