Happy Birthday, Clarissa!

Handmade gift tags.

Goody bags packed!

Cupcakes for teachers and friends in school.

Good thing I took pictures before going to the school.

Because when I got there, 10 kids were seated nicely around the table watching intently as I unpacked the cupcakes.

Luckily my sis joined us so we got some pictures.

I was too ganjiong to even put my bag down. 😅

We sang the birthday song in three languages!

She was so happy and intrigued by the whole experience.

She gave out the goody bags to each of her friends.

I'd tell her who the bag is for and she'd shout out the name excitedly before looking for that friend.

It's so endearing to watch.

Took pictures with her teachers too!

Kudos to them for taking such good care of so many kids, day in, day out.

I was honestly a little stressed out just trying to hand out cupcakes to 10 kids. 😅

We also gave cupcakes to the school officer who has been so warm and nice to us since Day 0.

I took her home right after the birthday celebration, because her Teacher said she'd be expecting me to take her home instead of leaving her in school and picking her up again.

So I took her to buy waffles and went home.

Indeed the best day ever.
3 hours of school only. 😁😅

It's a good day for taking photos!

So here's my very obliging model.




And then the sun came out suddenly and she didn't want to do it anymore. 😂

We went to the shady area and my model came back. 😁

She was having fun, running to and fro the line.

"A-dy GO!" She said in excitement each time.


What's a birthday without waffles? 😁

She was so excited about the waffle she couldn't stop tapping on the table.

We kept having to wipe her hands again.

So I said to her, "Put your hands on your face please!"

OK, back to the waffle.

"I wish.. for world peace."

Tried again to take a picture of her standing against the wall..

But she tried to scare me instead. 😅

Saved the present from Auntie SH for her to open on her actual birthday.

And in the background, new storage boxes from Wai-po and Ah-ah, delivered this morning.

She loves it!

How apt too. 😁

We sang the birthday song, she blew the candles, cut the cake and handed it to Daddy and her guests.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.

May you stay healthy and happy, always.

We love you very, very much.

Happy birthday to us.

May we always be a healthy and happy tag team, and a healthy and happy family.