Little miss doctor sees the doctor

The situation at 8am this morning: We all have to eat cake. 😅😁

She put the cake together, placed candles, made us sing the birthday song to her (to "Baby" and she'd point at her own nose), and then proceeded to cut the cake up.

She'd give one to Daddy, one to Mummy, one to Yaya, and one to herself.

The last piece of cake for Giraffe, and "Another Giraffe", and "Another Giraffe", and "Another Giraffe".
We have four Giraffes. 😅

Yaya was in the kitchen so she took a piece of cake and said to me, very earnestly, "I give this to Yaya."

And proceeded to climb off the bed and walk to the kitchen to deliver the cake. 😁

Last night before going to bed, she said to me, "Dog not feeling well." 😅

I asked why the dog was not feeling well.

She said, "Don't know. See Doctor Ann."

Doctor Ann is her name for the toy doctor's kit.

I said to her, "OK let's bring the dog for a check up tomorrow."

So she remembered (after eating too much cake 😅) and went to get her Doctor Ann.

She checked the dog first and said to me:

It's Alright!

She proceeded to check on Duck duck instead, because "duck duck not feeling well".

Hahahaha why are the animals taking turns to fall sick.


She built this on her own and slotted her Singas into the car.

"Veh nice!" She said. Lol.

Smitten Daddy and his little lover.

He went out early to get a queue number to see her PD.
He was told that we could go anytime between 10 to 11 but when we got there, there were 5 patients before us and an estimated 45 minutes wait.

So we roamed around the mall.

We popped into fox kids and babies, because I wanted to get some cotton pants for Clarissa.

Daddy told her to pick any dress she likes and we'd buy it for her.

She went pointing, "this one", "this one", "this one".

She picked a pretty pink dress in the end and I told Daddy we should get it since he'd promised her.

So we went home with 2 cotton pants and 1 pink dress. 😅

I'm glad we decided to visit the PD, who gave us very good advice on Clarissa's persistent running nose and constipation.

This girl kept saying she wanted to see Dr Tan but when Dr Tan checked her tummy, she cried like someone punched her. 😅

After the visit, she said to me, "See Dr Tan. No cry!"

"But did you cry?" I asked her.

"Yes," She replied and looked sheepish. 😅

Hope she gets better soon!

We were supposed to take her to ECP after her nap to ride her bicycle while the hubs jogs with his friend.

But she woke up with a temperature of 38.5°C.

So we cancelled our plans and the hubs drove down to the clinic to get the antibiotics which was supposed to be a backup in case her running nose doesn't clear within a week.

The good thing is that she remains active and generally in a good mood.

Appointed Daddy to feed her dinner. 😁

Daddy had to oblige but after a while he deflected back to me by asking her, "Do you want Mummy to feed you?"

She said yes. 😂

Catching pokemon. 😂

Her fever came back again.
It was close to her next feed anyway so we gave her meds and let her sleep early tonight.

Gonna wake up at 3am later to check on her.

Sigh. I thought it was good to get the doctor's advice and meds for her nose but now she has a fever.

Not sure if she caught it today or it's accumulated from her slightly inflamed nose.

Hope she gets well soon.