Fever patch πŸ™… | XX on the bus

This would probably be me tomorrow. 😩

I went to bed last night around 1030pm, expecting to wake up around 3am.

But at 11ish pm, I jumped up from bed because the little one was wailing.

She was sweating buckets and crying buckets.

It took us a long time to calm her down and to figure out why she was crying.

It was the fever patch.

After she fell asleep, the hubs and I crept into her room like ninjas and stuck a fever patch on her forehead, hoping it'd help to keep her temperature down.

Our helper later told me that she'd gently suggested to Clarissa, before bedtime, that putting on the fever patch would be good for her, because the jiejie in the commercial also has one on her forehead.

She protested then, and our helper said ok ok we won't put it on your forehead.

I guess she woke up feeling uncomfortable and betrayed and pissed off to find the fever patch on her forehead.

For some reason she didn't dare / want to remove it on her own.

Instead it took a long stretch of inconsolable crying and gentle probing by me asking her repeatedly to "please tell Mummy what is wrong", that she finally blurted out, "Take out! Take out!"

And then she wanted me to carry her and walk around the house.

Every time I thought she was falling asleep, she'd open her eyes and stare back at me.

It took a lot of effort to put her on the mattress.

Still she refused to lie down and would tell me from time to time that her "forehead pain". πŸ˜‚

I just kept humming "Wheels on the bus" (lullaby version) and watched her dozed off while still sitting.

She eventually leaned forward and fell asleep on her tummy.

I went to sleep too, but only woke up at 5am. Turns out that I'd set the alarm for 3am on Monday wtf.

Luckily she was alright and had no fever. Gave her meds at 6am and tried to make her sleep again.

I dozed off on her mattress and woke up with a bad neck.

She woke up at 830am.

For the rest of the morning and early afternoon, she was active but had mood swings.

Cranky and whiny, and kept complaining that her "forehead pain". We tried very hard to convince her that we've thrown the patch away and I even told her I'll bring her to look at the dustbin.

Hahaha but she refused to look at it.

I really don't know why she hates the fever patch so much.

Fortunately she doesn't have a fever anymore but I'm serious about my promise to her.

No. More. Fever. Patch.


Read a new book "In the zoo" to the little boss.

She said the little boy in blue standing in front of the zookeeper is Baby. The girl in pink with yellow hair is Mummy. The man in red is Daddy.

I asked her where Ah gong is.
She looked really hard.
"Not in this picture," she said. πŸ˜…

"Where's Yaya?" I asked.

"Yaya go out."
Hahaha which is the truth.
Our helper took her time-off this morning.

"Who is this putting her hand on baby's shoulders?" I asked, pointing at the lady in purple.

She stared and stared at the lady on that page, until she gave up and said to me:

I don't know!

And proceeded to stand beside me and placed her hand on my shoulder. πŸ˜‚

She's been saying "I don't know" quite often these days, and they are all legit responses.

She genuinely doesn't know.

So I'm quite impressed that 1) She's started using "I" instead of "you", and 2) She knows what "knowing" means. 😁

I tried giving her suggestions as to who the lady in purple might be.

"Is it Ah-ah? Is it Wai-po? Is it Gu-gu? Is it Yi-yi?"

She said no to every option.

Looks like there really is some logic behind how she sees the resemblance between the picture and the real person.

It's just that I don't understand what the logic is. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

One of the favorite things we do with her is to sing "Wheels on the bus", sometimes as it is but most of the time she'd think of characters to sing about and we'd make up the lyrics as we go along.

The original version has a "Baby in the bus goes Wah wah wah" and a "Mama in the bus says Ssshh Ssshh Ssshh".

So she'd throw up suggestions like "Daddy!", I would start singing "The Daddy in the bus says.." and continue with lines that are usually what Daddy would do or say.

She catches on very quickly and would start continuing on her own.

The funniest line she's come up with is "Daddy in the bus says 'Catch you!'" hahahaha because the hubs always teases her by saying "I'm coming to catch you!" πŸ˜‚

Last night she suggested to sing about Ah gong, so I went, "The Ah gong in the bus says.."

And she continued, without any prompting:



I laughed so hard.
Little cheeky monster.

We later changed Ah gong's line to "δΉ–δΉ–" instead. πŸ˜‚

She's also getting good at imitating people lol.

Last night she suddenly stood in front of the hubs, pointed her index finger up in the air, legs slightly apart, and said, in a very firm and strict tone:

I said no!

Hahahaha leaving poor Daddy bewildered and asking me, "Do I really do that?"


Brought her down to buy dinner because she was in a good mood after waking up from her nap.
So here's a little cat disturbing the neighbourhood cats again. πŸ˜‚

She was super high, declaring, "Cat sleeping! Hey cat! Hello cat! Wake up! Wake up!"

The two neighbourhood cats continued to keep their eyes closed. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

This was taken after I asked her to be softer because the cats are still sleeping.