I received a call from home in the midst of a meeting, at around 5pm.

It was our helper.

She sounded very panicky and I could only catch 50% of what she was saying.

"Rashes", "All over her head", "After nap", "Looks like measles".

So I tried to tell her as calmly as possible, I'll go right home and take Clarissa to the doctor.

I wrapped up that meeting quickly, called a cab and left the office.

The rashes didn't look as bad as I'd imagined (I was thinking oh man measles-like rash must be all lumpy and painful).

In fact most of the rashes on her scalp had subsided by the time we got off the cab, when I looked more in detail.

Our helper started laughing nervously and said, how come no more!

But I said it's ok, let's still see the doctor.

We found tiny spots on Clarissa's feet on Saturday evening but we thought it was heat rashes because of the vicks and the socks.

They didn't look painful and she didn't seem bothered.

On Sunday I found faint rashes all over her body but we thought ok maybe her body's dispelling all the viruses.

The hubs Googled to check on the symptoms, suspecting the dreaded hand foot mouth disease. But the pictures didn't look like what she had on her feet.

We checked her hands and mouth but didn't find anything amiss.

Long story short, we saw the doctor and she said Clarissa has a mild case of HFMD.

I was taken by surprise because the spots really didn't look anything like blisters.

But she has spots on her hands and feet, and two red spots inside her mouth.

The rashes on her body are caused by viral infection, so there's probably a mix of different viruses including the HFMD one.

It is not an allergy to the new medicine she's taking for her nose, because the rashes are not that of allergies.

So yeah HFMD it is and we can only hope it stays mild and the rashes go away soon.

We will keep her out of school for the week as per the MC given by the doctor.

Sigh. What lah.

Thankfully she is still her cheeky active self who declared to me, after we got home, "I go shopping!"

And then zoomed around smugly with her trolley. 😂

Earlier she was upset with me for scolding her because she stood in front of the open lift door refusing to go in. She was suddenly scared to see people in the lift wtf.

My heart nearly came out of my mouth wtf. So dangerous.

I gave her a stern warning after we got out and asked her if she understood what I just said.

She said yes.

But proceeded to ignore me the rest of the walk home.

Anyway whether she likes it or not, the new house rule is that she'd not be allowed to enter or step out of the lift on her own. She will be carried by the adults.

I have informed both the baby and the adults about it. 😂

Hoping for a less dramatic rest of the week.

Get well soon, little boss!

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