Un un un unbelievable.

Very eloquently put.

That's why he's our PM!

I had a very long day in office starting before 8am and finishing only at 7pm.
And the day felt longer than it is because of the election results.

This is so bizarre.
The world is so angry, so crazy.

The only fun part of this was when my team and I got together and did what we (try to) do best: Analyse human behaviour, motivation, and the logic in the irrationality.

I kinda get why it happened, but I don't like it.

The biggest consolation is that someone understands why I want to eat ice cream, no questions asked. 😁😅

I probably shouldn't be feeling so bad because it's not even my country.

But I feel bad anyway because anger has taken over humanity, in a country that means so much to the world.

I'm getting started on the second piece of homework.. which we need to submit next week, a growth chart from birth to two.

I'm doing it systemically, selecting pictures from the monthly folders.. one picture every two months.

This was taken in Dec 2014, two months young.

Makes me happy looking at her and her double chin. 😁