Little miss manja

The situation this morning: Our dancing girl.

It's the first time this week she's up when we're up.

For the past few days she'd either be up at 5 or 6am for milk and then go back to sleep, or she'd sleep through to 7am.

She was so chirpy this morning. 😁

Simply dancing..

And spinning around.

She gave each of us a hug and kiss before waving us goodbye at the gate.

Sweet. 😁

She was having some rice cereals when the 730pm show started.

I was sitting at the dining table having my dinner.

She turned to me and said:

Dance first!

And really started dancing along to the theme song.

With new hand moves somemore. 😅

After she was done dancing, she walked over to me and said, "Mummy, bring your food", pointing at the coffee table.

So I took my plate of rice and bowl of soup to join her at the coffee table.

She started moving her bowl closer and closer to mine, and inching herself closer and closer to me.

And eventually sat her butt onto my lap.

I had to eat with my left hand. 😂

See, the auntie on TV also rolling eyes. 😂😁

But I don't mind it at all! 😍😘