Pika.. Pika!

Pikachu is out early in the morning! 😅

We went to get a queue number to see her regular PD.

Firstly to get certified to be fit for school, and secondly to check on her rashes and swollen lymph nodes.

We had breakfast while waiting to see the doctor.

So cheeky here but cried like crazy at the PD. 😂

And that was after she told me last night, "See Doctor, cannot cry."

Her exact words.
I didn't make her say this. 😬

She's all good for school and swimming class!

Her PD sounded surprised by the HFMD diagnosis but she was very diplomatic about not saying it's a mistake made by the other doctor.

The rashes on her head are definitely not HFMD, so she might have a few different types of bacteria infection.

It's a mild skin infection and it's already clearing up. The swollen lymph nodes are due to the infection but should be ok as long as they don't turn red or painful.

Anyway while the doctor was checking her, she kept crying for Yaya, who was waiting outside.

It turns out that my helper has started telling her she's going home.. when her contract ends in May next year.

So I guess that's why she's always on the lookout for her Yaya when we are out.. because she doesn't know when she's going home. Kids do not have a sense of time.

Sigh. We haven't even talked about the exciting new terms we want to offer to her if she stays with us. 😥

Grocery shopping after her ordeal.

We were queuing at the checkout counter and she kept chanting, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!"

While pointing at the bottom row of the shelf.

Kinder Surprise. 😅

Thanks to the YouTube videos she's been watching.

She doesn't even like to eat chocolate! But she likes surprise so we got it for her anyway. 😂

When we got home, we opened it up and found a weird toy which I fixed up quickly.

She gave me the empty part of the shell and said to me, "This is for you."

And then she held the other half of the egg which still has the chocolate in it close to her chest and said:

This is for me.


Wah so clear, your you and me.

But why are you still confused sometimes? 😂


Homework done!

Supposed to do it together with her but erm she was playing with Daddy while I worked on this.

It's still good team work ok. 😅😆
Everyone is happy and the homework gets done.

She's already seen the pictures and I'll go through it again with her when she wakes up from her nap.

Her Teacher has just sent us a reminder about the show and tell on Monday.

I really wonder what the kids would say. 🤔

I asked the hubs what he thought of my artwork.

"Not bad, right?" I tried to fish for compliments.

Instead, he said, "It's the normal kind of artistic. Like, you know, actually not very artistic but it's normal."

I told him he's going to do the next homework.

I have decided. 😂

He helped me put glue on the pegs and told me afterwards that he's tired out by all the hard work. 😂😂

Be still, my heart.

I was channel surfing last night after watching Survivor when I came across this trailer for a new Korean drama starring Lee Min-ho and Jeon Ji-hyun!

I was getting all excited, telling the hubs, "I want to watch!!"

But he said to me coolly, "Oh I didn't tell you I have a new drama?" 😂😂

Since the little boss is taking a nap now I thought I could watch an episode.. or two.

But it turns out that it hasn't even started airing.

Premiere is on 16th November!

It's a fantasy romance drama called "Legend of the Blue Sea". It sounds absolutely ridiculous but I'm going to catch it anyway.

The last drama series I caught was DOTS back in April, but I didn't like it that much.

Looking forward to this one since it has my favourite actor and actress! 😆

Daddy made a human slide and someone was having a lot of fun climbing up and sliding down.


And then she tried to slide her car down too. 😂😁