The stubborn one

Spot a stubborn little girl. 😂

We were planning to go to my in-laws' place, followed by swimming.
But my FIL wasn't feeling well so the hubs went out on his own to take him to a doctor.

Since she usually takes a nap in the car on our way to her swimming class, I thought she should take a nap at home before lunch, and we can take her to swim thereafter.

But she refused to.
No matter what we said.

So both the helper and I let her be, and I told her we're not going to play with her.

So poor thing.

She tried to smile / laugh / engage us in her little games but we simply acknowledged her and did our own stuff.

It didn't stop her from inviting herself up our bed and plonking her butt onto my lap.

Boy, I was trying so hard not to laugh and I heard our helper giggling softly to herself outside. 😂

I hugged her, but did not play along when she pinched my face and nose or tried to tickle me.

So she simply lay down beside me and played with her little bricks.

I watched her quietly.. and then she dozed off.

Aye how can anyone be so stubborn and so sweet at the same time?

Not sure what she dreamt of during her nap, but when she woke up, she sat up, looked at me with her bright round eyes and said:

Tablet no battery! Watch tomorrow!

Hahahaha she said it quite rapidly so it sounded more like "Tabet no batti! Wash tomrow!"



Mini kicking competition. 😁

Cannot just swim, must swim with a cheeky face. 😅

Zoomed in! Lol.

Working + Listening to 933 while my two bosses take their naps.

There was a Angela Zhang medley of songs, and these two numbers were played back to back.

I'm not her fan, but I've got these lyrics stuck in my head.

Ok back to work.

Ooh look who's up!

Hahaha we both have crazy hair.

I tied her fringe up before her nap because I had to apply cream on the rashes on her forehead.

Listening to awesome music. 😅

Earlier this afternoon, before we went swimming, Wai-po and Ah-ah dropped by with milk powder and gifts from Si-yi and Gorgor who just came back from a holiday.

She did a mini show and tell!

Lol she was very shy about it but I heard her saying, "This is swimming. This is baby. This is duck duck."

Very happy with her new duck, which we are going to affectionately call "Bui bui duck". 😅

Lucky girl, always getting gifts from her aunties.

And my mum's in love with Clarissa's hair.
"So curly, so girly, so pretty," She said.

My sis asked my mum if her surname's Wong.