Little Miss Parrot!

Oooh back to school Monday.

👶: Oh so heavy.
👦: Oh too heavy?

Hahahaha mission carry your own bag, unsuccessful.

The bag is too big for her shoulders!

She was a little worried at drop-off.

"Mummy, mummy, mummy," She started calling me repeatedly after the health check.

I gave her a hug and told her Yaya would pick her up by noon, and we'd see her at home in the evening.

"Now do you want to go in for breakfast and dance?" I asked her gently.

With that, she immediately turned around and went into the classroom with one of the teachers.
Without saying goodbye. 😅

I wonder if it's "breakfast" or "dance" that did the trick. 😂

Bed time.

We tucked her in and left her room.

Less than three minutes later, we heard her chatter and chuckle.

I went back to her room to ask her sleep, otherwise Daddy would come in to make her sleep.

It didn't work. 😂

So Daddy came into her room anyway.

👦: Aye!
👶: Aye!
👦: Excuse me!
👶: Excuse me?
👦: Clarissa Lin!
👶: Clarissa Lin!
👦: It's time to sleep!
👶: Hee hee hee.

Hahahaha I had to turn around to face the wall to laugh in silence. 😂