“I want to use the phone!”

Lol re-enactment of a historic moment.

After finishing her corn cup, she turned to me and said, "Phone?"

My phone was in my bag so without saying a word, I signaled her to ask her Daddy instead. He had his phone on the table.

So she turned to him and said:

I want to use the phone. Please, Daddy?

Exact words, complete sentence.

The hubs and I looked at each other, our eyes wide, mouths open in a big O and we simultaneously said, "Wah!"

"For that, you shall have the phone," the hubs willingly let her use his phone.. and then posed for pictures.

Ah, we are too easily impressed and persuaded. 😅

Here's another one. 😂😂😂

As usual, she was totally nonchalant and oblivious to our gasps of surprise and the commotion in general.

Full concentration on her videos. 😅

Bedtime story.

It must have been a few weeks back when I discovered her ability to memorise the lines and sentences from the books we read to her.

She knows the stories by heart!

Like tonight, I'd read "And he looked up at.." and she'd continue with "the sky".

👧: The moon can be..
👶: So beautiful.
👧: He whispered with a..
👶: Sigh.

It's not only the last word of the sentence. I would sometimes stop in the middle and she'd still be able to continue from there. 😁

Usually when we read to her, she'd be doing something else.

Looking for the duck in the book.
Walking around the room.
Doing her own stuff.
Flipping 10 pages at one go.

Basically anything except sitting down properly to listen to you. 😂

I didn't realise that she's actually listening and even memorising the story.

So my decision to continue reading even when she doesn't seem to be listening.. is right? 😂

The hubs said he's impressed. 😁

I think toddlers' minds are amazing!

Just before we took her back to her room to get changed, she suddenly stopped playing, did a mini stretch and exclaimed to us:

So tired!