Wo Ai Ni!

So this morning, as usual, we asked her to say goodbye to her Yaya before taking the lift down to the carpark.

We were already at the lift and I was carrying her, while our helper stood behind the gate waving goodbye to her.

The little boss waved and said goodbye, before cheerily adding:


(I love you!)

All three adults gasped in surprise and said, "WAH!!"

(Double wah because 1) She's not the spoken PDA sort and 2) Spoken PDA in Chinese?!)

Our helper started laughing nervously and said, "Aiyah you should say that to your Daddy and Mummy!"

I laughed and said, "It's ok!"

As we entered the lift, the hubs said to the bubs, "Clarissa, quick! Say 我爱你 to Daddy!"

Hahahahaha but she only smiled and looked away.

Later, while we were waiting for Daddy to drive the car out, I asked her, "Do you love Mummy?"

She said yes and deliberately looked away with a very paiseh smile. 😂

And then she tried to divert attention immediately by pointing at a bird, "See! Bird!"

Suddenly shy lol.


I made a mistake this morning, reacting to a series of emails rather than responding to it.

Impulse breeds impulse.
I've always known that, and I'm seldom impulsive.

Something triggered me this morning.

Anyway I did the damage control, called up the person I think would be most affected and also reflected on my earlier note to two other people.

No serious repercussions, it's just that I feel bad for being so out of character.

Will do better next time.

Speaking of being out of character, I was talking to a coworker about a recommendation.

I said something like, "And then we can do XXX or some shit like that." 😂

He laughed and said, "That's how I'd say it too."

Another colleague turned around in shock and said to him, "Oh my God what did you do to her? You made a sweet person talk like this!"


To which he said, "You don't know her! She is sweet but she bites too."

While I tried to explain that I'm really not that sweet. 😂

I try to be nice but I don't pull my punches either.

I guess that was what happened in the morning email incident. 😯
I felt the need to fight back, when actually, I wasn't sure what I was fighting against.

Lesson learned.

Came home to little miss manja who insisted on sitting on my lap while I had dinner.

She also followed me to the bathroom when I wanted to take a shower.

I asked her to please wait for me outside, in the living room, and I'll do stickers with her after I've showered.

She said to me, "Baby watch TV?"
And then she really zoomed out of my room.

She was playing with my dad and helper when I was done bathing.

When she saw me, she immediately took my hand and brought me into the study room to retrieve her sticker books. 😁

Hahaha she doesn't forget about promises or rewards but it's good that she understands instructions and my need to shower alone. 😅😁

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