While Mummy’s in the bathroom..


This makes Monday slightly less blue.

This morning, she took out the book "Incy Wincy Spider" and I thought she wanted me to sing/read it for her.

(It's a singing book; the entire book is just lyrics to the song. 😄)

So I started singing while flipping the pages.

But she stopped me and said, "Baby read!"

And she started reciting the lines in her toddler accent.

"Incy Wincy spider climbed up the water SPOUT!.."

Randomly flipping the pages that did not match with the lines she was saying.

She recited the entire song and turned to the last page.

"…climbed up the spout AGAIN!"



I'm already dreading the business trip to Tokyo.

Flying out this Friday night on a red eye flight, and heading to research once I touch down.

I have the choice of flying out on Friday during the day, but thought I should spend some time with the little boss at home.

It's going to be a very long trip.

I'd be there for a full week, and taking another red eye flight back to Singapore the following Friday night so I'd arrive at 6am on Saturday, with two full days of the weekends intact.

I can't wait for the Dec holidays already.

Time check: 1855

I have just left office. 😥

The week is looking crazy.

So much to settle and sort out for the research and business trip.

And I haven't even packed! Hate packing for winter. 😥😥

For the past 2 weekend nights in a row, I have been so tired I fell asleep watching Episodes 3 and 4 of Legend of the Blue Sea.

So far I like the show, because it's both poignant and funny.

But aye, even #LeeMinho can't keep me awake so I'm now at episode 3.5. 😂😂

Things Daddy and Baby do while Mummy is in the bathroom

Photos from last night, sent to me by the hubs while I was sitting on my throne:




OK, let's agree on the pose please.


So cute lah. 😘😘

When we got home tonight, she hugged both of us happily before following us into our room and heading straight for the tablet.

👧: Wait. What must you say?
👶: (Holds tablet in her hands) Please? Please!
👦: Clarissa, you should ask first.
👶: Can I use the tablet? Can lah.



In tonight's edition of "While Mummy's in the bathroom": Playtime with Daddy.

They were pretending to brush their teeth and rinse their mouths. 😅