Too much work zzz

No school for her yesterday and today, and possibly tomorrow too.

She was phlegm-y since Sunday and then her nose started to become runny on Monday.

We kept her out of school yesterday and when I got home last evening her voice had turned into that of a boy's and she was coughing to get the phlegm out.

She is otherwise fine, still cheeky and funny.

There was a new show on Channel 8 at 730pm, and she kept running around declaring, "118!" In Chinese, like it was something funny. 😅

But her pronunciation was very "ah-pek" because she said "yao1 yao1 BAK4!" instead of "yao1 yao1 ba1".

I tried to correct her but she just kept going yao yao BAK!! yao yao BAK!!.. 😂

I wanted to take a selfie with her but she did this instead, without walking over to me. 😒

She was up very early this morning, and came over to our room.
It was time for me to wake the hubs up and she copied me, "Dear ah dear ah dear ah!"

When the hubs woke up she said, "Daddy eat breakfast!"

She then ran off to play but halfway through she stopped playing and started keeping her toys away. Ran back to her room and wanted to get changed.

"Want go to school!" She told us.


I hope she gets better soon.

Not just because I'm flying off soon, but because I just don't like it when she's sick. 😢

I have been feeling so exhausted even though I left office before 6 yesterday to spend time with her.
I fell asleep at 10 last night!

0819: My day in office starts. 💪💪

1932: Just got into a cab and can't wait to be home.

Feel so bad now for working late. 😢

It's been an 11-hour work day omg.