Leaving on a too-too train

Work-from-home + Pack + Spend time with the little boss day!

She's getting better!

But still no school lah.

Apparently she said to our helper this morning:

Next week I go to school.


She told me the same, but added:

Daddy bring you to school. Mummy working.


I told her last night I was going to fly to Japan to work for a week, so only Daddy would be sending her to school.


Of course she refused to take a nap and came to manja me instead.

I said to her, "Horrr, Clarissa naughty. I'll call Ah-gong."

Guess what she did?

She picked up my Internet banking token and started dialing.

Tilting her head slightly one side, she said:

喂~~? 阿公?
Baby not sleeping..
Sorry sorry!
Bye bye!

☝ that's her holding the token and pretending to talk.
Haha token too small to be seen.

Is she trying to tell me she's not afraid of Ah-gong anymore? 😂


I brought her downstairs to get lunch.

So as usual, she was running along the void deck.

But suddenly she stopped, looking confused.

Pointing in front of her at nothing in particular, she frowned and said to me, "No Daddy walking. Daddy working."


It's our routine every weekend morning to get breakfast together.
Most of the time, Daddy would be walking on front of us while she runs along, either imitating the way her Daddy walks or stopping to point at the ants or birds or cats.

Engrossed with building her car/train while I worked. 😁

I'm quite impressed by the long train she's built.

She'd flip the square piece open to let Singa in before closing it.

"Singa drive the car!" She'd say.


After she got bored of the car, she went out to the living room to take another toy while saying:


(Keep the toys, keep the toys)

And then nonchalantly walked back to the study room and keep the car parts back into the box.

While I was 😲 in surprise and our helper was 🤔❓❓ because she couldn't understand the Chinese.

I love how she randomly speaks Chinese!

We had a heart to heart talk after she woke up from her nap. 😙😍

👧: Mummy is going to Japan to work. It's very far away but I'll call you every night ok?

👶: Mummy take too-too train to work!

👧: 😂😂😂 No, Mummy's taking an aeroplane! I'll sleep in the aeroplane tonight.

👶: Mummy taking aeroplane!

👧: When Mummy is working in Japan, Daddy will take you to school ok?

👶: Daddy drive the car! Baby sit in the car. Ah-gong and Yaya pick up.

👧: Clarissa, are you hungry already?

👶: Not hungry!

👧: What time do you want to have dinner then?

👶: Three hours!

Lol. Already 6pm leh.

It doesn't get easier to leave her at home while I go on a business trip.

Even when one is supportive and one is so sensible for her age.

In fact, it is especially difficult.

When we were about to leave, she said in a sweet but small voice, "Want go together."

But when we said she has to go to bed soon, she willingly let me hug and kiss her before I handed her over to our helper. 😢

Haha the wind kept blowing into my fringe when I was trying to take our wefies so I kept saying, "Wait, aiyah my hair messy."

So she took over my phone and tried to take a selfie, and she kept saying, "Aye hair messy! Hair messy!" 😂

This was the best shot she took so please ignore my face in the background. 😂😂

Managed to catch her on Skype because she refused to sleep.

When I asked her why she said, "Baby not sleeping!"

Gave me a hug and kiss before we said good night. 😙🙆

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