Tokyo Day 3: When are you coming back?

Beautiful location for the offsite meeting, and beautiful weather.

All I'm thinking, though, is how Clarissa would be so happy running around the field and pointing at the trees.

"Good night Mummy!"
She said. 😁

We managed to do a video call this morning too! Before I left for work and before the hubs took her to school.

She actually asked me:

Mummy, when you coming back?


I was caught by surprise by her question (the hubs confirmed later on that he did not teach her to ask this question), but I tried to explain to her by counting with my fingers.

"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. That's 5 days and Mummy will be back on Saturday!" I tried to sound chirpy.

But she only looked confused and ran off. 😂

Before drop off.

Look at her fingers. ✌😁

She cried at drop off today. Ponteng for too long. 😬

Talked with the hubs for a while after the bubs was tucked in.

Apparently she didn't want to sleep and said to him, "I want to talk!"

But she fell asleep quite soon. 😁

I was telling the hubs I took a screen shot last night when we did the video call and his chin looks so sharp and hensem. 😅

He gave me this face.


Miss them so much.