Tokyo Day 4: Telepathy

"Good night Mummy good night Daddy good night Yaya good night Duck duck good night Baby," She said in one go when the hubs asked her to say good night to me.

Hahahaha why are you so cheeky? 😍😍😍

So I had a quick dinner with my boss in a Japanese restaurant within the hotel.

I told him I'd order a tofu dish and a grilled dish. There were 3 tofu dishes and 7-8 grilled dishes in the menu.

He said, "So you are going to get the sesame tofu and grilled chicken?"

I was surprised. "How do you know what I'm going to order?!"

I don't lunch with him very often to begin with. How would he know what I was about to order?

On hindsight, isn't this what our job is about?

Understanding consumer behaviour and then predicting it.

I guess my boss is already a master. 😁

I must be one of the most anti-social people when it comes to after-work events or dinners or drinks.

Yet I'm heartened to still have colleagues and bosses who know me well enough to understand what I mean or even guess what I was trying to say or not to say.

Sometimes it takes just a glance, a frown, a knowing smile.

It's nice.

But I really want to go home soon. 😅