Work. Has. Been. Crazy.

I have been working more than 12 hours straight for the past two days.

Post research and pre holiday season crunch.

I'm exhausted.

Thankfully my two bosses at home have been quite understanding and continue to entertain each other as if I'm still on business trip.

My dad and sis dropped by this evening too, and witnessed how naughty she is.

Apparently she kept covering her mouth while our helper tried to feed her, but when told nicely not to do that, she wailed. 😒😒

We think she's getting more and more naughty. 🙈🙈

But still funny!!

Tonight she suddenly recalled celebrating her two aunties birthday.

She laid out her toy eggs as if they were candles, and said to me, "San-yi, Yi-yi birthday."

Baby, Mummy, Singa, Peppa, George, SING!

And then she made me sing the birthday song with her before blowing out the "candles". 😂😂

Before bed time, Daddy gently smacked her butt to tease her.

She said to him, "Don't hit me! Painful!"

And then she laughed. 😂😁


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