0235am and we are still up catching the season finale of Survivor: Gen X vs. Millennial.

Missed the last few seasons and am so glad Channel 5 brought it back with a more decent timing.

Very good season! Griping till the end.

We are going to be so screwed tomorrow. So many gatherings so little sleep. 😂🙈

Action packed day starting with breakfast with my two friends at our place!

We had a nice time catching up and with the little one entertaining us. 😁

Our new babysitter.

They get along so well!

Photo by babysitter.

Socks, Japanese style.

Activity #2 for the day: Baby full moon celebration.

Naughty Daddy tied balloons to her hair. 😂

We went home and had a family nap before our next activity.

Famfie before setting off..

.. for dinner at Soup Restaurant Paragon.

Yep she was drinking from an empty bowl. 😂

Really delicious. 😂😂

OK the real deal is here.

She's super kaypo!

Always looking around and at the other diners.

Which meant we could pretty much eat properly.

And she's already had dinner at home so it's ok even if she doesn't eat much over here.

We haven't been to Orchard Road for a long time!

I go to the airport way more often. 😩

And it's been a long time since we came all the way to see the Christmas lighting.

Yep this is the reason why we came out tonight!

Oops Dayre cropped off the tip of the Xmas tree.

I really like the reindeer!


Famfish. Hahahaha family fish face.

Our new babysitter taught her today and we immediately put it to practice.


She loves the fountain the most and keeps running back to look at it.

Trying very hard to do the ✌ sign. 😂😁

Don't know what kind of pose she's doing.

But she's so happy running around inside the mall.

Yeah, running like she owns the mall.

She'd stop suddenly to stare at her own reflection on the tiles. 😁


Putting her hands behind her back like Daddy.

Time to go home!

On our way back, I asked her if she had fun today.

She said yes, and smiled happily while turning to look out of the car window at the Christmas lights.

So glad we took her out tonight, thanks to the hubs who suggested it and braved the Saturday traffic to do that. 😁

I love seeing her face light up like this.

Prettier than any of the Christmas lights. 😊