Good morning!

Our helper prepared breakfast this morning so there was no need for us to go down to get breakfast.. but our little boss insisted.

So we went down to buy coffee.

We passed by the tank of crabs in the coffee shop and I saw her swallowing her saliva nervously.

👧: Clarissa, are you feeling nervous?

I don't have nervous!


She said and swallowed her saliva again.

Your grammar.. 🙈😂

My good daughter picking up the rice cereals that have dropped into her bib pouch for me to eat.

Thanks baby. 😒

After her morning shower she appointed Daddy to get her dressed before looking at the albums in the study room.

Daddy walked into the bedroom instead so she ran off to look for him while exclaiming:

Daddy run away ah?

Hahahaha I love her stickiness to Daddy.

Hahaha making her ducks go up and down in the bus.

Spotted on a unicorn.


Last lesson for the year/term.

Dinner time.

She kept squirming in her seat and it was difficult to feed her.

👧: Can you eat properly please?

👶: I can eat with the tablet.


👧: What?

👶: Can I watch the tablet please?

How to say no to such a brilliant and polite suggestion? 😂

Having a lot of fun with our guests tonight. 😁

She was very willing to share her toys and play with jiejie and meimei, but would not let the hubs or me carry or even hold meimei's hand. 😅

She saw our helper playing with meimei and went over to sit on our helper's lap. 😂

But still she was very gentle and not confrontational.

She only stopped meimei from climbing up our helper's bed.

"Cannot climb," She said. "This is Yaya's bed."


Glad to see her actually playing together with my friend's kids!

When I asked her if she'd like to have them over again, she gave me a resounding YES! 😊