It's Mama's pickup service today!

Trying to do a Yay! Victory! sign. ✌😅

OK let's just say cheese and smile.

Looking.. in anticipation.

Guess what I'm waiting for?


Dear Waffle, I have missed you so.

Hello? Is it me you are looking for?

I'm so happy to see you!

OK let's get down to business.


Yummy as always!

If you are looking to set up a waffle making business and need an ambassador, please contact me. 😁😂

This ambassador takes all the waffle pictures effortlessly, because all the expressions and smiles come from her heart. 😁

I don't even have to ask her to smile or pose.

So happy seeing her so happy. 😘😘

It was a spur of the moment thing.

Last night, when the little boss refused to sleep, I started telling her made-up stories.

I'd always start by saying:

Once upon a time, there is a little girl. Her name is called Clarissa, and she…

And then I'd tell her some random story about Clarissa playing, swimming, not sleeping, being naughty.. etc.

She was so into the stories last night that she kept asking for more.
So my attempt to make her sleep totally backfired on me. 😂

Today she asked for the stories again!

She'd say, "Want listen to one little girl!" And even gave me suggestions about the stories she wants to hear.

"One little girl swimming!" She'd say and I'd tell her a story about a little girl called Clarissa who loves swimming, and mix real life happening with some fiction and animated speech.

She listened so intently and kept asking for more.

One little girl crying, one little girl angry, one little girl duck duck, one little girl hug.. 😁

All her own suggestions!

I could tell she was sleepy but she kept her eyes open and listened and even smiled at some parts of my story. 😘😊

It's so endearing my heart feels so full and happy.

Though my brains need to work extra hard to think of the stories. 😅

I wonder if she'd continue to be interested in my one little girl series.

Went for body combat during lunch hour before picking up the little boss.

First time in.. at least 1.5 years.

I started going for kickboxing a few months after returning to work.

I probably attended a few weeks worth of classes back at my previous gym.. and then the instructor quit and I decided it was not worth the time to attend the classes by other instructors.

Especially since the classes were from 730pm to 830pm, and it'd be 9pm by the time I got home.

So running was a better option because I could start at 530pm and finish by 630pm.

I don't quite enjoy running but it is the best option if I want to squeeze in any exercise at all.

Anyway I enjoyed the body combat class very much! I raised my hand when the instructor asked if there were any first timers, because I thought I might struggle and need some help.

But it was like catching up with an old friend you haven't met for some time.. so familiar and so good.

So I shouldn't have worried.

Though I'm sure my body would complain later.

It'd be nice if I could go more regularly lah. 😬

She woke up from her nap and immediately went to get her books from the study room.

Our helper popped by to give her water and asked her if she was ready to have dinner.

Three minutes can eat!

She said to our helper.


Caught a faint but lovely rainbow on our way to get dinner and groceries.

I bought some frozen tangyuan and got our helper to make the soup with some pandan leaves, ginger and brown sugar.

The little boss had one tangyuan with almost all the sesame filling removed.

Happy Winter Solstice!