Daddy drop-off and Mummy pick-up today. 😁

Turns out to be Ah gong and Mummy pickup. 😁

She didn't want me to hold/block her but held on tightly to my hand instead.

Lucky girl.

She said 谒谒 to Ah gong and let him carry her before he left. 😍

I'm also very lucky because Ah gong bought us lunch. 😁

Yep, I endorse Yakult too.


First, open your mouth.

Then, drink.
Remember to smile while you are at it.

Drink a big mouthful.

Open your mouth again to show that you've finished that mouthful of Yakult.

Smile to let everyone know you've enjoyed it.

Hahaha so cheeky l cannot.

Our helper asked her to take a shower and she said to her, "I drinking Yakult!"

Pattern more than badminton.

She even tried to do some hip hop ish type of dance. πŸ˜…

Glad she likes this!
She managed to drink half a bottle, which is much more than her usual 1-2 sips.. I guess it's because this is not as sweet?

I've let her try a few types of yoghurt drink but had little success.

She took a pack of this Ace light version when Ah gong brought her to the supermarket the other day.

Our helper tried to put it back but the little boss insisted on holding onto it.. so Ah gong bought it. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

Happened to pick up Clarissa at the same time one of her classmates' Grandma came to pick him up.

So the two kids were sitting opposite each other wearing their shoes and her classmate's Grandma asked him, "δ½ ηš„εŒε­¦ε«δ»€δΉˆεε­—?"

The little boy looked at his Grandma and smiled, but did not answer her question.

So his Grandma asked him again.


Came the answer from Clarissa herself. 😁

She pointed at herself and said again, smiling, "Clarissa!"

So I asked her for the name of her classmate and she replied, equally happily, "ZX!"

And said bye bye to him and his Grandma before we left.

So cute.

Oh I forgot to mention this.
She was so excited to see me at pickup, she ran really quickly from her classroom towards me.. and fell down along the way.

But she immediately picked herself up, forced a smile and told me she was ok. 😒😒

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