Early morning famfie before we go to school for the Christmas celebration.

And then the little boss decided to take over the phone and insisted on taking the photo.

"Come, Mummy. Come, Daddy," She said like an expert, before pressing the camera icon on the screen.

She took at least 15 of such pictures using my phone. 😂

Visited her new classroom and spotted this.

Making the ridiculous look funny since 2014. 😂😁

Clarissa was in a chirpy mood this morning!

She called out to every classmate and even walked up to say hi to some of them.

But not all of them were in a good mood. 🙈😅

One of them was still half asleep and therefore quite grumpy.

Clarissa offered one of her honey stars to her, but her friend here only stared blankly at her.

"XX so tired, cannot eat!" Clarissa explained to me, taking the rejection very well. 😂

K must be one of her closest friends in class. When Clarissa saw K coming into the classroom, she called out her name and dragged me over to say hello.

This is a really cute picture of them together.

When I picked her up later on, she was playing with K near the classroom door and the two girls took a while to say goodbye to each other.

After Clarissa stepped out of the classroom, K stuck her face and mouth onto the window of the door to continue playing with her.

So adorable! 😁

We were supposed to take a picture with the snowman but this looked like the snowman photo bombed us instead.

Here's a proper one!
But the cap looks like some oversized winter hat. 😂😁

The Santa Claus who made two girls cry when he came in.

Poor dude.

He was like "Ho HO HO!" And then two girls closest to the entrance started "Wah WAH WAAAAAAH!"

He kept apologising to the parents. 😂

The little one didn't cry, but clung onto me for her dear life.

She plucked up enough courage to pick a sweet from Santa's bag though.

So conscientious, pouring water into her snow globe.

Which she very quickly destroyed.

The Santa Claus fell off the lid and started swimming instead.

After making the snow globe, we went to the common area for play time with the other nursery classes.

Saw her ex-classmate who started school on the same day as her.

He's been posted to another class now.

They looked like two little love birds playing together lor. 🙈🙈

Dancing along to Jingle Bells.

Love you so much lah. 😘😘

The two hours in school with her made me realise how much she has grown, and that she is not only interacting with her friends but also very warm and caring towards them.

While I sometimes worry about her not standing up for herself, it's nice to see her giving and sharing without anyone prompting her to.

When one of her classmates took her sweet away, she protested to me but moved on other things soon enough.

I told her she could take it back from her friend but she only said "Mummy mummy" and didn't do anything about it.

I wonder if it would be different if I were not there with her.. but I suspect not. 😂

I guess we have to keep reminding her that she can say no when she's not ready to share and take what's hers when she wants it back.. but to me, it's more important for kids to learn to be kind than to assert that they are right.

So.. I'll let her learn to strike the balance at her own pace.

Parenting is tough yeah?

After the Christmas party, I went shopping and bought a ton of clothes for the little boss.

Picked her up with my friend aka new babysitter and we went to get waffles!

Little miss auntie wanted to carry the bags and also count "Three". 😂

Smoking fries. 😂😂

I really don't know where she learns all these things from.

Mouth full of fries.

Yep, I endorse McDonald's French fries too!

Interestingly she asked for corn cup as I put her into the high chair while my friend went to get the food.

We've brought her here for breakfast a few times and I guess she can somehow recognise the place and associate it with corn cup.

Tried on her new hair band my friend bought for her.

Had a nice catchup with my friends while she napped.

Took her to the playground when she woke up.

She was bursting with energy running up and sliding down.

Insisted that her new babysitter wait for her from the other end of the tunnel.


She made friends with a very nice little gor-gor who shared his cars with her and taught her how to play the game of rolling cars down to slide to determine the fastest rowing car. 😁

Haha super eventful day.

After dinner, I made her help me with the Christmas gift tags for my family.. which she did anyhow-ly. 😅😅

2 days to Christmas!