Guess where we went this morning?

Spotting a watch from Daddy – his Christmas present for her – and her rubber ducky.

Omg for some reason she was quite uncooperative this morning. Didn't seem to want to listen to any instructions.

I was feeling exhausted even before we went out. 😂

Brought her to my parents' place for a swim since swimming school is closed for term break until January.

She's been asking me to tell her stories about one little girl swimming.

So here we are enacting the story.

Our helper took this candid shot of us.

And that of a brave little duck swimming on its own towards Daddy. 😅

So hard to get her out of the pool!

Anyway as we bundled everyone and everything up to leave the pool, we realised that the rubber ducky was missing!

There was no one else in the pool except us and a boy taking his swimming lesson.. so there was no way the duck could have gone missing unless it could really swim on its own.

It was getting cold so I went back indoors with Clarissa while the hubs stayed on to look for the duck.

I carried Clarissa to the bathroom and out fell the rubber duck from the towel she was wrapped in.

"Aiyo Clarissa! Why didn't you tell us that duck duck is with you?" I asked her.

"Hehehe," She laughed sheepishly and ignored my question.

Had to ask my sis to run to the pool to let the hubs know.

Kena trolled by our own daughter. 😂

Mesmerised by the smart TV that can play YouTube. #suaku

Singing the 5 little ducks song.

Anyway she was so tired she fell asleep in the car on our way home.. and continued sleeping even after I carried her out of the car seat.

Very rare occurrence. Happens probably once a year. 😅

She continued sleeping after I put her down on the mattress.

Swimming (and dancing) is tiring business. 😁

Nothing much to do on a rainy Christmas eve.

So we took turns pushing her around the house in her bike.

Cheeky one used her forehead to buzz the honk.

She thinks it's funny. 😂😁

OK it is.

Quiet evening with stickers.

Wanted to take a video of her pretending to talk on the phone.

She was frowning and saying, "Huh??" before laughing out loud and slapping the floor, exclaiming:

So funny!!


But I caught the other funny thing she did tonight.

Imitating how I call the hubs. 😂🙈

Tucked the little one in bed by 930pm because she slept for less than two hours today.

Spending the rest of my Christmas eve with #leeminho, I mean, legend of the blue sea.


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