Back to school with her new school bag!

When she saw me holding the phone in selfie mode, she immediately said to Daddy, "Come, Daddy!" 😁

Drop-off this morning was bad.

She started crying at the health check even though the teacher in charge was someone she is usually ok with.

And then she refused to let any teacher take her into the classroom.

So I carried her. When we got to the classroom, she clung onto me and refused to let go, even as I tried to lower her to stand on the floor.

In the end one of the teachers had to carry her while I kissed her on her forehead telling her I'll see her tonight. 😢

It must have been the long weekend and extended days I spent at home since last Wednesday?

Also her molars seem to be growing so that might explain her irritability.

Nowadays she'd hit the air when she's angry, exclaiming, "EH! 坏蛋!" 😂

This morning, I decided to heck it and take leave this Thursday afternoon and for the whole of Friday.

I've been feeling really exhausted and I don't think I have slept through the night for some time now.

This is despite taking a 2 hour nap yesterday while the little boss slept.

I guess I need some me-time and nuah-time to feel whole again. 😂

Basically, do nothing.

I'm guessing it is also the nonstop action since November leading to to the crazy Japan trip comprising 7 long >14-hour days, followed by an equally crazy week back home of consecutive days of early starts and late night calls..

Add sleep woes to these.. so this makes me feel like I've not recovered from the trips and long work days.

Ok, long rant over. 😂


Taking it easy today but I'm hoping it would help me sleep better!


This song started playing as I was cooling down from my slow run.

I could listen to this on repeat forever. 😂
Just like his "情书" and "她来听我的演唱会".
Super 有feel.

This song was released around the same time I did my second hall production where I co-wrote the script and co-directed the play with one of my hostel mates.

It must have been the third or forth play I've written since I was in junior college, but my first romantic comedy.

The title of the play was《贰月里的温咖》.

Got feel or not? 😂😂

Jokes aside, it was one of the productions where the conditions were tough but we raced against time and everything in our way and emerged stronger, and proud of the team.

Team work and team spirit at its best.

It was a play about the love stories around us, a courting couple using ICQ (OMG did I just reveal my age) to flirt and "test water", a long time couple whose feelings for each other have changed and a bickering couple who took a while to realise they like each other.

Most of the other plays I wrote in my late teens / early 20s were dark, melancholy ones.

I don't regret writing them because they were all part of growing up.
Afterall, all the bottled up feelings had to go somewhere.

But if I were to write a story or play again, I'd love it to be a comedy or at least something sweet and bittersweet, because life isn't all dark and gloomy, and inspiring people does not mean you have to make them cry.

It might be age (or the influence of new generation Korean dramas 😂) speaking, but listening to the same song again made me realise the change in perspective. 😁

Anyway back to the song! The lyrics are beautifully written and oh so heartwrenchingly true.


张学友 《咖啡》

太浓了吧 否则怎会苦得说不出话
每次都一个人 在自问自答 

已经淡了吧 多放些糖也很难有变化
不如喝完这杯 就各自回家