"This is the 黑蚂蚁!"

👶 to 🐷: Want eat?

🐷: Yes!

👶: OK, you sit. (Serves meat) This is for you. Eat!


I was helping her set up the kitchen but the backing slot that enables it to stand was missing.

"Eh? Where's the backing?" I said, more to myself but she heard me anyway.

She ran off to retrieve it from her other box of toys and handed it over to me. 😁

And then she proceeded to cook for us.

"This is for mummy!" She declared, handing over the steak which she'd been referring to as "peanut" for the past week.

"This is for me!" She said, and took the sunny side-up.

I don't like meat! I like egg.

She told me earnestly.

Instead of taking the steak from the pan with her hand, she can now use the spatula to transfer it to the plate.

But she'd still default to using her hand when she got impatient. 😂

"It's not hot!" She'd tell me even though I try to pretend it's scalding hot.

And then she'd blow on the food before feeding me.

"See? Not hot," She'd say.


She woke up from her nap crying and I too woke up, half awake/asleep.

She played beside me quietly for some time and built this.

"Mummy!" She said. And pressed it against my forehead.

Like this.

"Open your mouth. Aaaaahhh.." She stuck it in front of my mouth.

Like this.

"Show me your hand?" She continued.

Like this.

Hahahaha so I figured this is the thermometer/torchlight her teachers use for the health check!

Hers is better coz it's multipurpose. 😂