Goodbye and Hello

So I have spent some time yesterday sorting out my photos by month and going through them.

It took me a few hours, while the hubs and bubs took their naps, but it has been very therapeutic and rewarding, selecting and captioning each of the important moments in 2016.

It is a good tradition and good way to look back at the year.

Indeed, 2016 has been a year of change.

We started the year with the little boss still learning to walk and pulling us along as she walks (oh, such back breaking business 😂).. and suddenly, 2016 came to an end, and she's a proper little girl, always running and zooming around.

I have lost count of the number of business trips I've made in 2016 so I scrolled back to look at the Dayre entries and counted.. approximately 12.

In some months I made 3 trips, some months 2, some 1 and some none.

The number of trips I've taken is probably nothing as compared to that of my bosses.

I am thankful for the assignment change, for my wonderful bosses and team, for a job I enjoy doing.. but most importantly I'm thankful for the wonderful support I have at home.

Daddy day/night care, complete with daily updates of goofy pictures, loving pictures, and even #ootd pictures that I ask him to take.

Updates from my FIL, my dad and sister, and knowing that things at home are well taken care of by our helper.

And our darling little girl, who always welcomes me home with the biggest hug.

There were really rough patches, like in June.. straddling between business trips, a very sick baby, and also sick husband and helper.

There was no other way to go through it, except to dig deeper, and dig further.

Therein lies more strength and more resilience you might not know exist.
But they do.

And even when you find yourself running out of steam, there is love, and family.

Sending Clarissa to preschool was one of the "first" biggest decisions we had to make as parents.

I have never thought I'd send my child to school before she turns three.

I remember my first day in school, I was five and I was brave. I waved goodbye to my mom, and walked into the classroom without looking back.

I remember looking at my wailing classmates, wondering why they had to cry.

And here's our little trooper, at 19 months young, barely two, standing at the sidelines, quietly observing the surroundings before deciding on her own to join the assembly.

I'm not a drama queen but I actually felt like tearing when she stepped into the crowd on her own, before turning back to see if we were still standing outside.

My nose still feels funny when I see this picture, and the look of delight that said, "Hey Daddy and Mummy! There you are!" when she saw us.

I am so proud of her, for being so brave, and for doing something I do not think I can do at her age.

Despite the weekly to biweekly to monthly battles with colds and flu and even HFMD, going to school is the right decision.

She enjoys school very much, adores her teachers and friends, and comes home with songs and dances to show, and stories to tell.

Suddenly she is speaking longer phrases, and complete sentences.

Suddenly she can sing the entire song of Twinkle twinkle little star in both English and Mandarin.

I love communicating with her, even though she can be quite bossy. 😅

Despite the crazy schedules, I'm glad we've managed to stay connected with our family and close friends.

People who dote on Clarissa, who are genuinely interested to know how I am doing, who willingly let Clarissa use up their ultra balls.. I'm so grateful.

It takes effort, but I really prioritise family and friends who matter, and I'm glad I've stayed in touch with everyone of them, and am thankful that they have been so accommodating.

What a ride it has been, 2016.

Some parts awful, but mostly awesome.

2017, ready.. go!

Health, happiness, and a few holidays please. 😄