It's marvellous what Milo can! Do! For! You!


Woke up at 3am, tried for 2 hours to go back to sleep, drifted in and out of sleep, got up at 7am.

Little boss threw a grandmother of all tantrums because she wanted to stay in the cot when we wanted to get her changed.

She got angry with both the helper and me, and sat there and cried. And cried and cried.

Took a while for the hubs to calm her down before I took her back to her room.

She gave me a sheepish smile omg. 😂

I think our helper woke her up so she was still sleepy and not in the best of mood.

We usually let her wake up on her own in the morning, since she wakes up pretty early.

But she only slept at 1030pm last night because she spent an hour talking and singing. 😂

I think if this happens again we should just let her go to school in her pyjamas. 😁

Ah-gong pick-up today!

She said her hellos, thank yous and bye byes. 😁

Ah-gong especially turned up the radio for her, because there was once she got into his car and exclaimed, "No sound! No sound?" 😂

Because she wanted the tablet. 😂😂

2 years ago.

It's ok, yo!

Hahaha I still remember feeling so amused when I saw her that morning.

Barely two months old but already moving around when she sleeps.

There was once I got a momentary shock when I couldn't see her in her cot as I entered her room.

Turned out that she somehow kicked or rolled herself to be underneath the changing station.

She's still a messy sleeper now! 😅😁

Earlier on, she demanded for a nap time story and I told her "only one story!" because I had a call in less than 10 minutes.

She wanted to hear about "one little girl swimming" so I made up a story about her wanting to swim but couldn't because of her runny nose. 😂

Usually after I finish telling a story she demand for the next one.

But she didn't today and willingly let me leave her room to go for my call. 😙😁

Brought her downstairs to get dinner but she dragged me to the playground instead. 😅

👶: See, Mummy! I'm driving the car!
👧: Where are you driving to?
👶: I drive to school!



She went out of the room to get her toys from the boxes, and I heard her call out.

👶: Mummy, can you move the fan?

Because the fan was blocking the boxes and she knows she is not allowed to touch the fan. 👍

Recently, she'd ask me to sleep and then she'd wake me up.

Either by poking my eye or playing with my lips.

Tonight she accidentally hit my head so I pretended to cry.

She looked at me, unsure about what to do.

And then she ran out to look for her Daddy, exclaiming:

Daddy, Daddy, I made the Mummy cry!

She got her Daddy into the room to look at crying Mummy. 😂😂😂

Hahahahaha had to do the whole sayang and hug thing before I stopped "crying".

Bed time play time featuring Clarissa, George, Peppa, Red Singa and The Blue One.

Hahahahaha sorry "The Blue One", I've tried naming you "White Singa" but Clarissa always calls you "The Blue One". 😂😂😂

👧: (Pretending to be Peppa and George, as assigned by the boss) Hello! My name is Peppa. My name is George. What's your name?

👶: Erh my name is Red Singa! And this is The Blue One!


(Oh I also like how she'd use the word "and". She'd say, "This is Peppa Pig and George!" 👍😁)

She's getting good at holding random conversations.

👧: So George is Peppa's..?
👶: Brother!
👧: Yes! And Red Singa and The Blue One are also brothers. Clarissa, do you also have a brother?
👶: (Without hesitation) Yes!
👧: Oh you have a brother? (HOW COME I DON'T KNOW?😂😂) Where is he?
👶: He is sleeping!
👧: Can he come here?
👶: He is in the room!