While waiting for Daddy to drive the car over, I said to her, "Take a picture together with Mummy?"

She pointed at Daddy and said, "Daddy together!"

Hahaha but Daddy was in the car so we took the wefie with her looking a bit paiseh. 😂

#ootd featuring top from cotton on kids, pants from h&m and a mosquito bite on her forehead from a stupid mosquito. 😂😂

She was so adorable at drop-off this morning!

She asked her Daddy to let her carry her own bag, so he helped her with her.

Because the bag is slightly bigger than her frame, she has to squeeze her shoulders together to prevent the straps from slipping off.

And then she stiffly raised her arms at a 45-degree angle to wave us goodbye with a sweet smile.

With that she walked into the classroom with one of the teachers, her bag and two ponytails bouncing up and down as she moved. 😍😍😍

Visited the Google office today!

This is probably 1/8 of the staff canteen, which is not really a canteen.

It has many food stations serving different types of cuisines.. similar to a hotel buffet restaurant, and even a barrista serving coffee.

On my plate: Chinese, Western and Indian.

There is dessert too! But no time to eat.

Fridays are family and friends day so the Google folks get to invite their families and friends for lunch in office. Which explains why I saw a little girl having lunch there. 😁

And there is the legendary nap room, and more!

Mani/Pedicure services, hair salon, spa for massages, gym and even laundry room.

Love the table tennis table!

I totally want to have a meeting here.

Happening in parallel:

Our "very focused" eater. 😁

Mango kids sale!

Romper, long-sleeved t-shirt, Mickey Mouse t-shirt (the one on top is from uniqlo), sweater and cardigan!

Bought these online at a rather good deal. Some items at more than 50% discount!

Haha just #buybuybuy in preparation for spring in Korea!

I love the cable knit cardigan!

She loves it too. Once she put it on, she ran outside to show it to Yaya.

I bought a t-shirt for our helper too, so she was actually in the toilet trying it out.

Unfortunately her ootd photo turned out really blur so here's a famfie instead. 😂😁

When Yaya came out of the bathroom wearing her new t-shirt, she pulled her into the study room to "see mirror together".

Hahahaha omg her expression. 😂😁

Heard this from our helper.

When the little boss came home this afternoon, she said to our helper, "Today breakfast no honey star!"

So our helper asked her what was for breakfast this morning, and she said, "面包!"

Lol so cute, reporting back about what happened in school.

Might be because I tried to bribe her with honey stars in school this morning. 😂😂


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