At 7am this morning, a little girl walked out of her room when her Yaya was trying to wipe and change her.

She opened the door of our room and walked in looking for me.

👧: Clarissa, have you changed yet?
👶: No, haven't!
👧: Can you go and change first? Yaya is waiting for you.
👶: Mummy go! Yaya is waiting for US!


Yep, today's moment of wow.
She knows about "us". 😆

We had breakfast at Yakun.

The couple at the adjacent table ordered steamed bread.
When they opened the cover, this girl tried very hard to blow the steam away. 😂😂

When ours came, she did the same. 😂😂

Too bad the steam's not so apparent in the picture.

Don't know why we had to slant to one side. 😅😁

While waiting for Daddy to get food, I said to her, "Clarissa, we will go to school after breakfast, ok?"

Her face fell.

"Don't want go school!! Want go home!" She protested. 😂

Hahaha that look of apprehension.

No lah we only went over to the other preschool to get back the refund.

We got home and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon playing and reading.

She kept disturbing Daddy who was trying to take a nap.


New game today.

She'd make milk for Singa in the cup and then feed Singa.

Five seconds later she'd pour all the milk on Singa and laugh when Singa (played by Daddy) screams in dismay.

She'd laugh nonstop for a good 10 seconds.

Singa would say, "Now I need to bathe."

She'd ask Singa again if he wants to drink milk.

Even if Singa insists he doesn't, she'd insist he does.

And then the scene repeats.

Her laughter is infectious. 😁😘