Her #ootd for school this morning. 😒😒

Yeah, singlet with red Singapore painter pants.

She picked these and insisted on wearing nothing else but these, so I let her.
Otherwise she was planning to stay in her cot for the rest of the morning.

(Daddy: This is ok what! 😂😂)

Had a grand plan of knocking off on time at 530pm and heading back to the gym near home for a 640pm body combat class.

But meeting overran, I have a headache, and no mood to go anymore.


Anyway I finished up some work, kept my shoe bag in the locker and booked a Grab taxi.

$7 off every ride until 12 Jan!

Spent time watching the bubs and hubs play.

The little boss insisted that Daddy should play George ("Mummy cannot!") and that she'd play Peppa ("Daddy cannot touch!").

So they pretended to eat and play on the sticker boards.

I took out a book to read and she got interested. She got Peppa and George to sit down in front of the book.

"Come, Peppa sit on Clarissa's lap," She said.

As I read the book, I'd pose questions and ask either Peppa or George to answer but the little boss kept protesting each time "George" answered. 😂😂

She wanted to answer all the questions! Like a kiasu student omg. 😂😁