👶: "I want to press!"

I forgot to set the alarm this morning and got woken up by the little boss at 640am.

She refused to get changed and insisted on coming to our room.

I heard the commotion and went to her room.

"Mummy go back to sleep!" She said, because I thwarted her plan to be the one opening our door and waking us up.

So, must start over again. 😂😂

I went ahead to wash up, and she stood at the toilet door watching me and refusing to get changed.

👧: Why don't you go and get changed?
👶: I don't want change.
👧: Why don't you want to change?
👶: I don't want go to school.
👧: Why don't you want to go to school?
👶: I want stay at home, play toys.

Hahaha ok, fair enough, at least you have your reasons. 😂


In the end we bribed her with the tablet and everything went smoothly.


I joined her in the room after I got changed, wearing a maxi dress.

She looked up from the tip of my dress to my face, smiled and said to me, "Mummy so pretty."

I think she meant dress = pretty lah, but I'll take the compliment, thanks. 😂😁


She'd hug Mummy first, before running to Daddy. 😘😘

Saw us having sweet potato soup and asked for some.

She finished it on her own!

My FIL and helper went to pick her up earlier than usual today, because my FIL had something on in the afternoon.

Since it's open door Friday, my helper could walk into the dining area to wait for her.

The little boss was still having her lunch then.

My helper saw in amazement how the little boss finished lunch on her own (while looking around at her friends) and placed the bowl into the basin. 😂😁

Yep, we still don't know how to make her do the same at home.

Lining up her animal friends.

She'd lift one animal up, hold it very close to her mouth like it's a walkie-talkie, and ask questions like, "Want go home and eat rice?" 😅

And then she'd look at me expecting an answer. 😅😅

I asked her to pick just one animal friend to bring with her to her bed, and she pondered for a very long time, going through each of them.. before picking four. 😂😂

2 Peppas, 1 rubber duck, 1 Singa.