Like a proper little girl.

But really cheeky!

Yesterday my dad took a video of her on the tricycle, trying to move it.

At first she said, "Wai-gong! I cannot move I cannot move."

But it was tough pushing with her feet on the floor.

So she said, "Hey! Push me!"


Gosh, no big no small.

I told her she should have said "please".. and she smiled sheepishly.

Off to class!

I always say the little boss is cheeky but she can be really sweet too.

I got home slightly past 8pm and was on the phone throughout because of this 8-11pm conference call I had.

Thankfully my dad and sisters were here and she was playing with them happily.

When bedtime came, her Daddy took her into the study room to say good night.

She very sweetly let me hug and kiss her before marching back to her own room and instructing her Daddy – "Daddy sits here!" – to sit down on the floor beside her cot, where I usually sit to tell her my random bedtime stories.

I'd explained and apologised to her about not being able to spend time with her or tuck her in bed despite being at home, because I had to work. I said she could ask Daddy to tell her the bedtime story instead. 😂

Just want to gush about how sweet she is. 😅😁