Today's #ootd: Her school uniform!

Decided to try my luck when I prepared her outfit last night.

I'm not sure how our helper managed to put her in it but she did. 😁

I said to the little boss, "You look nice in your uniform!"

She beamed and exclaimed, "I can wear the uniform! I can!"

(As if she couldn't fit into it before. 😅)

We took a longer walk to the car this morning because she wanted to look at the birds.

So the hubs drove to the shelter instead.

When she saw Daddy's car, she started running and exclaiming excitedly, "快点啊!"

(Don't worry, she stopped running before she got to the end of the pavement.)


Yesterday in the middle of her tantrums, she declared to our helper, "Uhmp! I'm going to my house!"

And stormed off…

… to her house ☝☝.


Our helper was half crying and half laughing while recounting this to me.

Really 又好气又好笑.

Kaypo-ing her Daddy.

Anyway we told her we would be bringing her on a holiday this coming Saturday.

She's excited about it!

I took the opportunity to tell her that we'd be taking an aeroplane there, and she needs to be good and stay on her seat.

I said she could watch the small TV in front of the seat. Of course she said yes, she wants to watch TV.

👧: What show do you want to watch?
👶: 118!


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