Perth Day 1

👶 (to Yaya): "I going holiday!"

👶: "Eh! Bird bird!"

👶: "I want take picture with Bui Bui!"

👶: "See? Dolphin! One, two, three.. (counts to fifteen)!"

👶: "I want eat cereals!"

👶: "I want watch 118!"

👶 (To Mama duck): "Change diaper only!"

👶: "I call Ah-gong!"

👶: "Someone is very tired."


Hahahahaha at this point we all burst out laughing at her remarks.

She threw a tantrum at the carpark earlier because she wanted to walk and explore but I carried her all the way to the hotel.

I told her, "You are throwing a tantrum because you are tired."

She stood slightly away from us while we were at the reception getting checked in, sulking. 😂😂

To give her credit, she actually did well during the flight.

She dozed off and napped for nearly two hours, ate enough, entertained herself, and stayed seated.

She only broke down twice, one of them was due to the air stewardess touching her face. 😂

👦: It's ok! Jiejie pretty right?
👶: No.


But erm, she skipped her afternoon nap completely and so she was a little hyper.

We had an early dinner at Jamie's but she didn't eat much except for some bread.

It was hot when we landed but a little chilly in the evening.

That didn't stop her from running after the pigeons trying to touch them.

Hahaha that's the best picture I took of the pigeons flying away because she was too siao on chasing after them.

Finally wiped her down at 830pm and gave her a full bottle of milk.

She tried to protest and told me she wanted to go out.

She dozed off drinking the milk.

Sweet dreams!

Oh wait.
I need to wash the bottles.

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