Perth Day 2

We started our day early and drove to the blue boat house for a photo op. 😁

It was a lovely but chilly morning.

Hahaha this was the best photo we took of us because the little one kept saying, "I want to go swimming!" 😂

Breakfast at Fremantle!

Lazy to resize the photo to fit but breakfast was good!

We ordered a babycino for the little boss, who took a few bubbles of it and declared that she didn't want it.

She taxed my toast and ate quite a bit.

She kept insisting it was biscuit though and when I asked her to take a picture with her biscuit she deliberately closed her eyes.

OK this is better and she has a chocolate mole.

We walked around Fremantle market which sadly wasn't as vibrant as I remembered it to be.. but it was 12 years ago so I might have remembered wrongly.

We were in a souvenir shop which had these lucky stones and this little girl kept running over to look at them.

I asked her to pick one and she gladly did. Ran over to her Daddy to ask him if she could buy it.

So she walked out with a A$5 lucky stone which stands for strength because it has a kangaroo engraved on it.

We visited Fremantle prison before heading back for a supermarket run.

She insisted on sitting in the trolley.

We had a quick lunch in the room and while we were resting she took out my company phone and managed to turn it on.

She called some number and spoke into the phone.

👶: Err. I want a breakfast. And a corn cup.

Hahahaha she was ordering McDelivery.

We headed over to King's Park where this girl had so much fun she was out of control.

She loves the park and she loves doing this double victory sign lol.

I have more pictures in my camera of her funny antics, such as terrorising the birds and doing kung-fu in the middle of the park.

Most of the pictures on Dayre today are taken by the hubs!

Most of the time, simply running like this makes her very happy.

We tried to make her lie down on the grass, but she refused to.

She stopped a lot to look at the mini water falls, birds and babies, or even a random plant.
I wonder if us adults are going too fast, too often, instead of stopping to appreciate the little things in life.

As we were leaving the park, I asked her if she enjoyed herself today.

👶: Yes!

👧: That's great! What did you like most about the park?

👶: A lot of water and mountains!

Honestly I was surprised she even answered my question. She even paused to think about it before answering! 😘😁

She was also in a friendly mode today. Whenever she saw a pram with a baby in it, she'd say to me, "I want to say hi to the baby."

And she really went up to smile and say hello to each of the babies. 😍😍

We headed back to the hotel and this girl said she didn't want to head back to the room because of this kids corner at the hotel lobby.

So we waited for her.

By now she'd already missed her entire afternoon nap and was a little ding-dong.

She wasn't really difficult but little things would set her off. Like, the hubs tried to wipe her face and she sat on the floor crying.

But she was otherwise ok, just a little hyper and crazy.

I thought she'd be too tired to eat dinner properly but she actually ate quite well!

She was eating on her own at first but after a while she started scooping up food for me to feed her instead. 😂

We had Chinese for dinner, because you can take the China man (and woman, and baby) out of China, but you can't take the China out of the China man.

I said this to the hubs and he took two tries to understand what I was saying. 😅

Too tired!

After dinner she turned into a little drunkard. 😂😂

Basically laughing for no reason and running in zig zag lines.

Quite hysterical, but funny to watch.

After shower and before bed, she asked me to tell her a story about one little girl "crying on the floor", referring to the afternoon's episode.

And then she insisted on getting off the bed to sit on the floor to cry.

👶: "I want to cry on the floor!"



Eventually she drank her milk and dozed off.

We thought she'd already fallen asleep by the time she finished her milk but she actually said "Good night" before rolling over to sleep on her side.

What a sweetheart. 😘😍😁