Happy Anniversary! | Margaret River Day 1

Little Miss Porter girl this morning.

She slept at 830pm and woke up at 6am. The curtains couldn't be shut completely so there was a bright beam of sunlight shining into the room.

For no reason at all, she started crying and rolled off the bed to sit on the floor.

In between wailing she kept saying, "One little girl crying on the floor. One little girl crying ON THE FLOOR!"


Spoke to her after she calmed down.

We asked her why she cried, she said, "Because.." and couldn't come up with a reason.

I told her she should tell us if she isn't feeling well, but she shouldn't cry like that.

👧: Mummy doesn't like it when you do that. Can you promise not to do it again?
👶: Promise!

In other news this girl is speaking Singlish.

While pushing the luggage she exclaimed, "This one is I push one! Daddy cannot push one!"

I asked her to drop the "one". 😂

Anyway we checked out of the hotel today because we are heading to Margaret River!

We stayed at Ibis hotel and it is pretty decent. We had to ask for more pillows though. We had 4 pillows on the first night and I woke up with a stiff neck. So I asked for 4 more. 😂

It was just nice. 3 for the hubs, 3 for me and 2 for the bubs. #auntie

I thought the bathroom wasn't very kid friendly because it was small and the shower head couldn't be removed.

But it turned out to be ok.

The little one was perfectly ok to walk in on her own while we stood outside to help her with the shampoo and shower foam.

She was ok to stand under the shower to bathe.

"I can bathe on my own!" She exclaimed happily last night. "Don't need Daddy and Mummy to help!"


My only gripe is that there is no anti-slip mat.

But the hotel is decent, lah. #endofreview

We are off!

It's gonna be a long drive.
(It's been an hour since we set off and after many rounds of "Mummy talk, Mummy talk!" featuring me and the Mama duck, the little one has nodded off and I get to Dayre while looking at animals that look fake because they are not moving. 😂)

Glorious sky.

The clouds look so fluffy!

Ooh someone's up from her nap!

"No pictures!"


We chose this cafe that's rated #1 on TripAdvisor.

The signboard won me over before the coffee and food. 😅😁

Legit! 👍

Eggs on toast, with sausages and smoked salmon on the side.

To share, because we had a light breakfast in the hotel room before setting off.

Iced mocha for the hubs and cappuccino for me.

And fish for the bubs. 😂

👦: What's the date today huh?

👧: (Pauses to think) 23rd.

👦: (Continues fiddling with his phone)

👧: Happy anniversary my dear.

👦: Oh yah! 23rd! Happy anniversary dear!

👦👧 takes famfie with 👶 who does her obligatory victory pose.

We set off for the Busselton Jetty after brunch.

The hubs has found a way to stream 933 because he says he's had enough of listening to crappy music.

I guess you can say.. you can take the Singaporean out of Singapore, but you can't take the Singapore out of the Singaporean? 😅

And then this girl started playing this game of Mama duck trying to poop and she had to wash the duck's bum.
She'd then take a deep breath smelling the duck's bum and laugh because I'd gasp. 😂😁

I think the duck pooped about 15 times today while this little boss hasn't pooped for 3 days. 😭😂

We got to the Jetty and she said she wanted to swim.

So Daddy decided to be #yolo and said ok, let's go and walk in the water.

The Asian mom in me said, omg are you sure? The towel is in the luggage. And I don't think she'd like it.

Anyway I headed back to the car to grab a cloth for them to wipe later on, but when I got back, the hubs said they were done because she didn't like walking on the sand. 😂😂

Kena trolled.
I didn't even have time to take pictures of them in the water. 😅

We took a walk down the 1.8km stretch of the Jetty and she was so nervous because of the holes in between the planks.

Oh and I let her wear my cap because the one we brought along for this trip turned out to be too small for her.

But look at this!

How many shades of blue are there?


Here we are!

Literally a farm stay because the animals are right outside!

This little girl was exploring around excitedly but she suddenly stood in the middle of the house, frozen.

To poop. 😂😁

I guess the playacting of the Duck pooping might have helped.

She did a huge one so I showered her. She laughed and said to me, "I can smell duck duck's bum bum. Mummy cannot smell my bum bum."

Yeah I really don't want to smell your bum.

We went for a supermarket run before getting dinner.

We are going to make our own breakfast tomorrow! Or rather, the hubs is going to make, I'm going to eat. 😆😆

While waiting for our takeaway, she has officially gone nuts running up and down the hallway.

She'd ask me, "Can baby run along here?"

I'd say ok and she'd run while shouting instructions, "Mummy, run! Mummy, RUN!"

Like she's my personal trainer.

Dinner is good!

The little one taxed our fries and had some fish without the batter.

I tried to give her the smaller fries but she said to me, "I want the big one." 😂

So big one it is.

Anniversary dinner famfie.

After dinner, the little boss wanted to go out of the house to see the animals.

I was too hum ji to go (because I'm scared of anything with fur 😅😅) so I asked her to ask Daddy the brave one.

Turns out he is just slightly braver. 😂

He didn't want to go out because he said the emu would peck them.

They got out eventually to get closer to the sheep but ran back when the emu walked towards them. 😂

I shall watch from afar.

Nonetheless it's an amazing experience, especially for Clarissa.

I hope she enjoys the animal feeding session tomorrow!

I'm so worried about her falling sick because she shivered when I took shower for her.

Spammed her with Vitamin C and water. She refused to drink from her bottle so I spoon fed her.

She slept at 8pm!

Haha bed time is getting earlier and earlier.

Dessert while the boss sleeps.

Happy anniversary! 😁