Thoughts.. on our way home


The little boss clocked about 10.5 hours of sleep!

We all got up at 715am.

The hubs made breakfast, I packed, the bubs read her books and pretended to help.

The chickens came to visit.

Picture stolen off the hubs' Facebook. 😅

Our stay for the past 3D2N!

While being tooooo up close and personal with animals isn't my thing, the stay has been pleasant and enjoyable.

We only got to know yesterday that this place is only 7 weeks old. There is no room service or housekeeping service so we have to clean up everyday on our own.

Which is fine, because it reminds me of our pre- helper days.
We can do anything together. 💪💪😁

It's been a good vacation, thanks to the hubs who planned everything singlehandedly and did all the driving.

Every night we lie in bed exhausted and asleep before 10pm and every morning we get up by 6 or 7am, ready to go for another day of exploring.

It's nice, partly because of the city we are in, the laid back vibes and the nature which surrounds us, and party because Clarissa is bigger now and able to express herself better.

I love seeing how much she enjoys herself, whether it is exploring a new place or simply running up and down the walkway like a crazed trainer. 😁

And seeing her fall asleep quicker than the speed of light, every night, makes me smile.

She has her moments and tantrums, and her quirks, such as insisting on holding a biscuit to sleep (like now), but they are manageable and she's a trooper most parts of the trip.

She would even help us out with the luggage and get things in order.

And she really makes us laugh at her crazy antics, especially when she gets drunk and starts talking a lot.

The hubs would often turn to me and say, "Why is she so cute?" 😅😁

It's been a lovely vacation, and great quality family time.

All in all a good 7th wedding anniversary experience. 😘😘😁

Stopped by the other side of Bunbury en route to the airport.

This place, I approve.

I agree.

I agree, very much.

👶: Daddy, can you give me some ice cream?

👦: Yes sure. Is it good?

👶: YAH.

Something light since we've had a heavy breakfast.

Heading to the airport!

Another two hours' drive.

Omg we made it.

The weather was crazy hot which made the walk from the carpark to the airport terminal quite unbearable.

This one's a good sport though!
Obviously tired from the drive but kept offering to help us with the luggage and the passports.

She also took to instructions very well. When we were busying keeping our stuff after the security check, I asked her to walk to Daddy and stand beside him to wait. She did it without any hesitation or complaints. 😁

(She's now looking through our passports and pointing out hers to us. 😆👍)

So glad the weather's been kind to us the past few days!

Drinking milk the good old way.

Boss reading the menu. 😅😁

Says she wants to go on another holiday.

See you Singapore in 4h 45mins!