Of Perth and Margaret River

Finally got to sit down to upload the photos from the camera!


Day 1.

First things first, playing with the curtains in the hotel room.

Blue boat house.

👶: "I want to swim!" ×100 times

Babycino for the boss.

👶: "Can baby hold the egg?"

👧: "It's a stone, not an egg."

👶: "Can baby hold the stone?"

Very happy with the expensive A$5 stone she asked Daddy to buy.


Daddy, are you sure you want me to lie down here? On grass?

I'm running away, sorry!

👶: "I want to catch the bird!"

I see you, Bird!

So many birds!

Hi there.

👶: "Hello bird!"

What are you looking at, Daddy?

👦: Let's pose for Mummy!


Hahaha this is a posed "mood" shot.

Hahaha nervous baby is nervous.

She doesn't like walking on anything with gaps or holes.

Yep, flashing her tummy in a park, at Kings Park no less.

A passerby angmo auntie was so amused she tickled her tummy.

She cried angrily. 😂

👧: "Clarissa, what are you doing?"

👶: "I'm taking picture!"

She suddenly decided to sit on the kerb so we both joined her.

(Erm my hand is too short to hold the camera to fit all our faces properly into the frame. 😅)


She was going round and round in cycles, lifting her leg like this.

New kung-fu move perhaps.

Whatever makes you happy.

She knew I was taking a picture so she pretended to sleep on her Daddy's shoulder.

I love how she manages to look cheeky, even with her eyes closed.

We took a rest on the bench and she was singing some random song.

One of my favorite pictures of her.

👶: "I want to go out now!"

The sun, the sand and the sea.

So bright I can't open my eyes.

(This is candid, not posed. 😂)

Hahaha posey "mood" shot again.

Yay we got to the farm!

Our cottage for the next 3 days.

Retreating from the emu.

Ready for the feeding.

Hello, Miss Stiff. 😂😂

(While Mummy has become Miss Frozen. 😂😂)

Up close and personal.

These alpacas looked so ridiculously cute.

(But no, I cannot go any closer than this. 😂)

Leader of the troop.

Path to the lighthouse.

What lovely shades of blue, green, brown, and everything in between.

Got feel?

This was candid, although I did tell the hubs I was going to walk ahead to take a picture of them walking together.

They look like a mafia father and daughter duo, walking like they own the road.

Hehe I asked her to take a picture with the cow and she obliged with so much glee.

The hubs took this while sitting on the sofa looking at the photos from the camera.

I was preparing her milk and she was.. trying to poop. 😂

This is the only picture in the camera that has me and the boss.
Because I was the one using the camera, the pictures I took were either that of the bubs, the hubs, the bubs and the hubs or a famfie.

I love the pictures! 😁

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