What are you doing?

👶: Water bottle, what are you doing?

👧 as water bottle: I'm lying in the bag.

👶: Bag, what are you doing?

👧 as bag: I'm lying on the sofa.


Later on, in the lift on the way to school.

👶: Mummy, what are you doing?

👧: I'm standing beside Clarissa.

👶: Daddy, what are you doing?

👦: I'm standing beside Clarissa too.
Clarissa, what are you doing?

👶: I'm standing beside Daddy and Mummy!


So this morning, she's back to being our little sweetheart.

We had a horrible day yesterday.

Shortly after lunch, I received a call from home, picked it up, and all I heard was nonstop crying.

I asked Clarissa to talk to me properly but she only said noooooo and kept on crying. I asked her to pass the phone to Yaya but it was the same answer.

I texted the hubs, hung up the phone and checked the cctv.

She was sobbing on her mattress, butt naked.

Our helper sat beside her, putting powder on her and wiping her every 5 seconds, which made the little one even more frustrated.

And then our helper got frustrated and threw the clothes back onto the mattress, and left the room.

Which wasn't a bad thing, because this would be what I'd do when Clarissa throws a tantrum like this.

But she went back into the room less than a minute later to do the same things.

Tried to put on clothes for her. Nah, more crying.

Put more powder on her. Nah, she cried and moved further away.

Tried to wipe her face. Nah, more wailing.

So I called back again to ask her to just leave her alone for at least five minutes and maybe just let her drink her milk, even if she was naked. She can always cover her with blanket later.

I saw from the cctv that her bottle of milk was already lying on the bed.

But eh, no. I couldn't speak to anyone.

Long story short.

I was on the phone listening to nothing but crying and nothing but the helper saying in the background "I'm not going to renew my contract!".. for at least 20 minutes.

While the hubs tried to contact my sister to see if she could pop by.

I was half contemplating to just take a cab home, except that it'd take another 30 minutes for me to get home and I had back to back meetings from 2pm all the way to 6pm.

She was calm by the time my sister got there.

I excused myself to take the calls from my sister.

"Some trouble at home with my daughter," I said.

"Oh dear is she OK?" My reportee asked.

"I hope she is? Though she's running around naked." I told him.

"Ah, then she's ok." He laughed.


So my day started on its downward spiral with a giant headache building up…

…Right till the end of the day, when I met the hubs to drive home together.

I'd bought the milk pudding from Paris Baguette, thinking we'd need some comfort food. I waited for a very long time, just to pay for them.

Walked all the way to the car, opened up the pack of milk pudding.. only to find there was no spoon.

Really fml.

The hubs wanted to get out of the car to get me something else. 😂

I said no let's just go home. But really, wtf was wrong with my day?

We talked about the situation and what we'd do when we got home. And then I had to make a work call.. Until we got home.

I spoke to Clarissa first.

Asked her what happened and why she didn't want to put on clothes.

She told me it was because she wanted to play with the water. But Yaya took her out. She was angry and so she didn't want to put on clothes.

Basically what we already knew.

She could even tell me the water got cold and that was why she had to get out.

She knew she was in the wrong, because according to my sister, she looked for Yaya when she woke up and even volunteered to help her fold the clothes.

I asked her if she'd like to join her friends to shower, drink milk and take her nap in school instead.
Deliberately phrased it as a question, so it wouldn't sound like it is a punishment.

She told me, "I want to drink milk at home."

Sigh but how, when you throw hour-long tantrums like this.

(OK continuing now at 1828. Rushing home for a 2000 call. Sigh miserable. Thought I could leave earlier to spend some time with the little one before the call.)


I tried my best to empathise with the little one ("I know you really want to stay in the water and you are upset") and then tell her that what she did was bad for her health ("because the water has turned cold and you'll catch a cold").

She took it well and told me she'd get out when the water turns cold.

And then I went to talk to our helper.

(I've deleted all the details from here.
Rant and forget!)

I came out of the study room after a 1.5hour meeting to find a little one and a big one pretend-playing.

Here she's all buckled up and driving her Daddy to the zoo. 😅😁

They also went swimming, to Ah-gong's place, to school, etc, many different places.

Kudos to the hubs for the tremendous playacting effort, for a good hour! 💪💪